Crevoladossola (VB), Italy

The story of Pushpad

I am the developer behind Pushpad, a service for web push notifications. I developed Pushpad while I was studying CS at University in Italy. I've got a Master's degree cum laude thanks to this project. Unlike some competitors, Pushpad respects the user privacy and doesn't track their activity to resell their data.

Pushpad was made with love by me. I started developing it two years ago. Now there are many happy customers, and Pushpad is one of the most popular services on Google for the query "web push notification service".

Where Namecheap came in...

I use Namecheap because your products are very straightforward, cheap, and I've never had any problems! Namecheap is simple, but effective. My definitive choice for domains and SSL certificates. I also like your reliability: I've been a customer for years and I've never had problems. Your pricing is also great!

Your development of new products, like EasyWP, is interesting, and I'll try it in the next months.

The Future...

I hope to see that the trust and the positive feedback we get from our current customers will eventually attract bigger customers and investors.

If Marco could pick a real superpower

My superpower would be something like super-concentration. When I am thinking about something, I am completely isolated from the environment and from my body - and I can even freeze myself!

One innovation he'd wish for to help his business

Today, the main problem with web push is that it is not supported by IOS. I'd wish for Apple to add support for it in the near future.

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