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What GlobeMed does

GlobeMed helps young leaders build the courage and ability to address health and social justice issues. We are a non-profit that was established over ten years ago by an awesome group of students who deserve all the accolades they get.

We provide education and leadership training for over 2,000 students in 59 university chapters, each of which is partnered with a grassroots organization in Africa, Asia, or the Americas. Through these partnerships, students support local health projects while learning from grassroots leaders and a diverse network of peers.

Why they do it

All around the world, people continue to face barriers to living healthy lives. While the field of global health has allocated significant resources to decreasing these barriers, there is still a stark disparity in quality of life between poor and wealthy communities.

Meanwhile, 80% of global health employers report that academia is not adequately preparing young people with the skills and competencies needed for the global health workforce.

We believe the most powerful way to address global health disparities is to invest in the education and experiences of the future global health workforce.

Where Namecheap came in...

With 500 people joining our alumni network every year, we need a place to connect with our audience long after graduation. Our domain is a recognizable symbol of the vision and value that GlobeMed brings, and our website allows us to sustain the ripple effect of young leaders' influence on the world to positively impact millions of people.

Namecheap helps by being an incredibly straight-forward platform. We get renewal reminders on time and don't get bombarded with unnecessary marketing. The platform is also really well-designed in terms of functionality and visual appeal, which is extremely important to me.

The Future of GlobeMed

In five years time, GlobeMed will definitely have scaled its impact in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We eventually want to develop some chapters abroad and bring more diverse changemakers into the network to make sure we are a genuine reflective, engaging and inclusive organization.

We are also working hard on sustaining and growing our Alumni network and programming! The Alumni are the thousands of students who have walked through the metaphorical hallways of the GlobeMed "institution", and are a testament to the importance of our programs and how they contribute to leadership development.

The need to share GlobeMed

In my role the Director of Communications, I recognize that the incredible work of GlobeMed and our partners needs to be shared with the world. Our focus on advancing health equity through meaningful partnerships is only as strong as the network of changemakers who are willing to take the time to fundraise, host events, participate in our programs, and do the work! Getting the GlobeMed name out there is one of the most important things in continuing our good work.

If Balungile was a Superhero

If I were a superhero, I would be Storm (from X-Men). I like that she has the ability to control the weather, and fly. In terms of the weather, I just love drama and would love to create environments. My first point of order would be this whole climate change thing...

One innovation she would wish for to help the charity

My one wish is that we could share the hundreds of stories about the impact of our organization, students, and all of our incredible partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America. They make all the work worth it!

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