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We launched as an offshoot to our news and culture magazine ( back in 2017, so that we could share our love of documentaries with the world.

There's a wealth of great factual shorts and full-length films available on the internet today, both from large production houses and independent film-makers, but finding them was difficult – we built to fix that. Descrier is text and image based. The launch of was part of our strategy to better utilize video.

Our Line of Work

We work with independent filmmakers, large distributors, and everyone in between to find as many great factual films and episodes from a wealth of different sources. It's great to be able to work on something that helps highlight other people's work and keeps everyone better educated.

The Part Namecheap Plays

Namecheap has been my personal favorite registrar for about 15 years, and I have a couple of dozen domains registered.

So when I launched Descrier and then, Namecheap was my first choice. When version 2.0 of is ready to ship, it will be on Namecheap's new EasyWP platform – we've been busy building the site on this platform for the last few months.

Big Plans now indexes more than 7,000 documentary films. Over the next year, we plan to add thousands more.

We are also currently in the process of building a new platform for the site that will let both us, and our users, create playlists of films on just about any subject they're interested in. The site also builds playlists on subjects automatically with some clever artificial intelligence (AI).

With these new features, we hope the site will continue its growth and become the number one place on the web for people looking to watch documentary films.

If I Had One Business Wish...

I’d wish auto-translation was better. It is coming on rapidly as a technology, but there are loads of great documentary films out there in various languages, and it would be fantastic to open them up to a wider audience.

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