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Some country code domains require you to provide additional pieces of information for registration.
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Important information for owners of,, or domains

The registry has reserved a selection of .uk domain names specifically for corresponding third-level domain name registrants at no additional cost. To see if you are eligible, enter your existing .*.uk domain into the Rights lookup tool →

As the owner of a .*.uk domain name, you may have the exclusive right to claim the .uk version of that name, but you will be able to exercise this right only once per domain. If you allow your direct .uk domain name to expire, it will once again become available to the public.

The registry no longer allows the use of PO boxes. If you used a PO box to register your existing .*.uk domain, you must use the same information when claiming your new .uk domain name. However, to remain compliant with the registry's terms, you will need to update the Whois information for both of these domains after registration is complete.

If you registered your .uk domain through another registrar, you can still register your direct .uk name through Namecheap. Additional verification may be required at the registry level.

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