How to buy domain names in bulk

So, you’ve come up with the perfect domain name for your website. You’ve performed a regular domain name search, and your domain name of choice is available in the always-recognizable .com top-level domain (TLD – the last few letters located to the right of the dot in a web address), sweet! All you need to do is register it, be on your merry way, and never think about things like registering domains ever again.

Except that isn’t always the case, especially if you’re a small business owner. If you’re launching a personal website, or if you happen to be a freelancer offering limited products or services, you may be able to get away with just one domain name. However, for businesses it could be beneficial to have several domain names pointing towards your main site, as well as names for sub-domains and sub-brands you have now or will launch in the future.

Buying multiple domains when you’re starting out makes a lot of sense. You won’t run the risk of having to chase down any particular extensions down the line, potentially forking over big bucks to someone who happened to purchase it first. How many domains you should buy is dependent on your business and what makes sense for you. It would be an expensive endeavor to go for every available domain extension. Apart from go-tos like .com and .net, a good rule of thumb is to opt for TLD extensions that are relevant to your niche and your location.

Namecheap’s Beast Mode search tool makes searching for, and registering, multiple domains easy. You can search for up to 5,000 potential domain names at once, and you can do it while using themed filters that make it easy to find the right name in your niche. Photography websites can choose from TLDs like .studio, .photography, and .pictures (to name just a few) while technology companies have a wealth of domain extensions such as .io, .ai, and .online.

When you find domain names that you want to register, you can add up to 50 to your cart at a time. In a matter of moments, you can register all the domains you’ll ever need for your website. Not too shabby!

Before we explore how the Beast Mode tool works a little more, let’s talk more about why registering multiple domains can be beneficial for business.

Registering multiple domains with Namecheap’s Beast Mode

So, what is Beast Mode and how does it differ from Namecheap’s regular Domain Name Search? With the regular domain search, you will search for one domain name and a list of available options related to your search will be displayed. With Beast Mode you can search for up to 5,000 domains and keywords at a time and have numerous filter options.

Beast Mode’s filter options are:

  • Price range - set the minimum and maximum price you can afford

  • Show Domain Hacks - Domain hacks are creative ways of spelling out a domain name through the clever use of domain extensions. So, instead of “”, you could go for “”.

  • Drop Last Vowel - this filter removes the last vowel from the domain name in the search results

  • Pluralize Nouns - this will show pluralized forms of nouns in your domain in the search results

  • Show Premiums - tick this if you want to see premium results. Premium domains usually feature memorable, popular extensions, but can be very expensive

  • Hide Unavailable - if you don’t want to your results to feature unavailable domain names, tick this box

  • Append Prefix/Suffix - by selecting this, your results will include options that add text to the beginning or the end of your keywords.

To bring even more specificity to your results, on the right hand side of the search box you can select the type of TLDs that you would like. The top option is “Popular”, followed by “$2 or less”. Other categories include Arts and Culture, Finance, and Lifestyle.

With all these options, you’re sure to find the TLDs that you need. Namecheap’s Beast Mode tool allows you to register up to 50 domains at a time.

For more information on Beast Mode and domain registration, check out this in-depth article from Namecheap’s knowledgebase.

Why use Beast Mode for bulk domain registration?

In comparison to competitor bulk domain search tools, Beast Mode has far more options, which makes narrowing down or broadening your search results effortless.

With the option of searching up to 5,000 domains or keywords at a time, if you need to bulk register domains, Namecheap’s Beast Mode tool is a no-brainer.

Still stuck on choosing which TLDs are right for you? Be sure to read our article on how to choose the best TLD for your business.

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