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Hero image of Private Email Refreshed with Exciting Features!

Private Email Refreshed with Exciting Features!

Namecheap is excited to announce our Private Email upgrade on October 26, 2019. Get ready for the roll-out of fresh new design options, app launcher icons and enhanced functionality across the board.

screenshot of new Private Email

New Web Interface Design Updates

The refreshed design of Namecheap’s Private Email adds to the user experience with a sleek new look. Existing users can make the jump to the new look and feel easily, and new users will enjoy the intuitive navigation right from the start. 

The App Launcher Icon 

Say goodbye to tabs with the new app launcher and top bar design. Private Email reflects current trends in user needs with the single App Launcher icon that reveals all the available apps with less clutter and more ease of use. To make up for the previous design that had some horizontal design limits, the app launcher icon frees up the nav bar with all major apps appearing in a grid fashion.

The top navigation bar is not only visually streamlined but now the user has more color customization options as well. The new colors can also be alternated with a ‘Time-Dependent’ feature and change between the available ones according to the pre-set time intervals.

color options in Private Email

New Windows Handling

In an even more streamlined effort to reduce visual clutter, the new windows handling allows for you to use floating windows to not only write and read emails but also create appointments in the calendar, edit contacts etc. 

With floating windows as a replacement to the tab concept, the new design offers two viewing options:

  • Minimized: Closed window in the bottom taskbar, which is labeled with its title and icon that lets the user maximize to full size. 
  • Maximized: Open window at full size visible in the center with an option for the user to shrink to a smaller size.

Multiple floating windows can be opened at the same time. These windows can be moved and dragged with the browser for customizable work-flow needs that allows for a view of other items within the app suite. Multiple floating windows can be opened at the same time.

New Calendar & Scheduling Functionality

The Next Gen Calendar in Private Email combines the best practices in backend capabilities. A total renovation of the calendar module now streamlines scheduling with third-party apps such as an eM client for OX App Suite and other iCalendar programs.

screenshot of calendar in Private Email

New Functions include:

  • Updated design
  • Compatibility with iCalendar and CalDAV
  • Improved functionality with import/export from and to external iCalendars
  • Multiple reminder features
  • Streamlined standardized behavior
  • Improved scheduling with external servers and participants

Right-Click Functionality

Many users are used to seeking out the ‘right-click’ to access multiple features with ease. With the updated Private Email, right-click opportunity is now part of the functionality. This allows for enhanced use of frequent actions on the web interface and more contextual menus inside the modules themselves. Easy access to the contextual menus is just a click away.

New improvements to the workflow:

  • Appointment Status Icons: View appointments at a glance to see if the event is unique or a recurring meeting. Easy viewing shows the status of participants, public or private, or tentative scheduling.
  • Vacation Notice Features: Never forget to deactivate a vacation notice with the new reminder activation.
  • Teaser Text: Users no longer have to open an email to see what the subject is. With teaser text, users can scan their inbox and choose what to open and read with ease.
  • Mail Attachment Reminder: Never forget to attach a file again. Keyword searches within the text of an email such as ‘find attached’ and triggers a popup reminder if no attachment is added to the email when ‘Send’ button is clicked. 
  • Display Name Options: A user can hide their real name in the ‘From’ field of an email by deselecting ‘show names’ in the dropdown menu.
  • OX Drive Restore Update: Allows the user to restore files and folders to the exact location where they were deleted in one step.

Universal Plan Introduction

Exciting news for users who need more storage!  We are introducing a new plan—Universal—as a replacement for our Private plan. The new plan increases email storage from 3GB to 5GB, and file storage from 1GB to 2GB. 

With the Universal Plan introduction, we’re aligning with current trends and offering more storage than ever before. With this new increase in storage, the price per GB actually becomes lower. Previously the Private Plan was $2.50 per GB. However, with the expanded Universal Plan, you pay only $1.70 per GB and get more space with the package. In addition to the storage increase, we are adding 10 aliases instead of one with the Universal Plan so that you can get more from your email.  

It’s possible to not only benefit as a new user purchasing Universal Email, but also as an existing customer upgrading to the new plan. If you’re an established customer already using the Private Plan and don’t want to change what you’ve been doing, have no fear. There are no forced upgrades to the new plan. If you choose to switch in the future, you can easily do so to enjoy more of the options, storage, and aliases as needed.

All in all, Namecheap’s Private Email has been updated for the latest in best practices across all professional needs. Users benefit from the sleek new nav with timed-optional color variations. Features such as updated scheduling, right-click functionality and floating windows make the new Private Email a must-use for all current business and professional needs.

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