How to manage SpamExperts filtering using Thunderbird email client

There are two possible ways to train your spam filtering system according to your needs – either using SpamExperts web-interface or by adding IMAP SpamExperts email account to email client. The latter will provide a more convenient way to manage both legit and spam emails without additional logging into SpamExperts menu.

NOTE: unfortunately, MS Outlook email client does not support this functionality at the moment, thus, we recommend using Thunderbird client instead.

Follow the steps below to proceed with the setup:

1. Follow link and click on Retrieve log-in link:

2. Enter full email address you wish to add to your email client and hit Submit:

3. Once done, you will get the following message displayed:

4. Log in to your cPanel > Mail section > Email accounts menu and access webmail of your email account. You will see new email with Temporary link to change your password subject:

5. Click on Set password to proceed with password reset:

6. You will be taken to SpamExperts menu. Enter the new password for your email account in New password and Confirm new password field and click on Save:

You will be able to log in to using this password along with full email address to check quarantined emails there.

7. Since quarantine folders can be added along with a separate SpamExperts email account, you can proceed with setting up it with Thunderbird email client.

Go to File > New > Existing Email account:

8. Fill in the following values:

Your name: the one you would like to have
Email address: your full email address
Password: the one you have just reset to access
Remember password: should be checked

Once done, click on Continue:

9. Thunderbird will start an automated setup. There is no need to wait till it’s over, since the settings should be changed. Simply click on Manual config to proceed:

10. In Mail Account Setup window enter the following settings for Incoming server:

Protocol: IMAP
Server hostname: or 
Port: 993
Authentication: Normal password
Username for Incoming: your full email address

Outgoing server settings should be:

Protocol: SMTP
Server hostname: or 
Port: 25
SSL: None
Authentication: No authentication

Click on Done then:

11. You will most possibly get a warning message due to an insecure connection via port 25. As SpamExperts are filtering servers, any spam set from your computer will be quarantined or rejected; each case will be monitored with feedback collection system and reported.

Checkmark I understand the risks and hit Done:

12. Here is the newly added email account, you will see it just below your main email account:

NOTE: this email account is not intended to sending/receiving emails (for these purposes you will need to use your regular email account), but providing the access to SpamExperts quarantine folder.

13. Since newly created accounts take their names from email address, you will need to rename the quarantine account in order to avoid any conflicts with the main existing account. To do so, right click on SpamExperts email account > Settings menu:

14. Feel free to change it to anything you like:

Then navigate to Server Settings menu. In order not to abuse spam quarantine server, uncheck Check for new messages every... minutes or set the interval to 300 minutes or more:

Hit OK to save the changes.

15. From now on quarantined emails will be put into special Caught folder. If you do not see this folder, right-click on SpamExperts account name > Subscribe menu. Make sure to checkmark Caught folder and save the changes:

16. Next time you check mail your quarantine account will contain messages identified as spam.You can read them directly, release, release and train filter or mark the message as pure spam.

You can find a short description of each folder below:

Caught: all incoming messages which have been quarantined can be found in this folder. It's not necessary to report these emails as Spam again, as they have already been classified as such. These emails will automatically expire within 3 days.

Not Spam: this is a write-only folder. Emails drag/dropped from Caught to this folder will be reported as a classification mistake to our central systems

NOTE: such emails will not be delivered to the recipient.

Release & Train: this is a write-only folder (which cannot be accessed by the email client, don't worry if email client gives you an error). Emails drag/dropped from Caught to this folder will be delivered to the recipient and reported as a classification mistake to our central systems.

Release: this is a write-only folder. Emails drag/dropped from Caught to this folder will be delivered to the recipient only.

this is a write-only folder. Emails drag/dropped to this folder will be reported as a Spam to SpamExperts central systems – it will not be delivered to the recipient. This is useful to report spam which was not blocked correctly directly from the email client, so you can drag and drop messages that passed filter here instead of using web-interface or Thunderberd plugin.

Feel free to check this guide for more information on the matter. Simply drag and drop the email from Caught to the corresponding folder:

Each folder will just 'eat' the email put into it and report it to SpamExperts, so do not be surprised not to find the moved email in the corresponding folder.

Each folder (apart from Caught) is empty and should not contain any emails.

NOTE: spam filter is trained globally and reviewed by SpamExperts team, thus, Spam and Not spam reporting will not take effect immediately for all such messages.

17. You will also receive email notification to your regular email account that will inform you about the emails caught by SpamExperts:

18. You can manage email notifications settings in your cPanel > Mail section > SpamExperts menu.

Navigate to Protection report section > Periodic user report:

That's it!

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