I'm having troubles registering my .UK domain name

When you are trying to register a .UK domain name, you may receive the following error message:

531:Authorization error - xxxx.uk - V334 Your request for domain  'xxxxx.uk' has failed because the 'account-name' for the registrant  does not fully match any registrant which has rights for this domain

It means that the Registry has reserved a selection of .UK domains specifically for corresponding second-level domain name registrants. If you're the owner of a .co.uk / org.uk / .me.uk domain name and are registering a corresponding .UK domain name, please use the Exact same Whois details used on your corresponding second-level domain when processing your registration, otherwise, the order will fail.

As the details are case sensitive as well as sensitive to extra spaces or characters, you will need to double-check the Whois details you're using and try to register the domain name again.

The right to a .UK falls to the equivalent qualifying .co.uk, .org.uk or .me.uk domains which were registered prior to October 28, 2013. When there's more than one equivalent domain, the right will fall in order of priority: .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk.

If you've received the following error message: Domain name not available - it means that the domain name you are trying to register is not available at the moment. Also, this error message will appear if you tried to register such a domain as "com.co.uk", for example. This domain cannot be registered because it contravenes the Nominet UK naming rules: second-level domains may not be identical to a top-level domain.

The amount paid for the failed order will be refunded back to the source of payment.

You can read more about .UK registration requirements here.

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