How to activate G Suite (Google Apps) for Docs

Google Docs service allows you to create, store and share different types of documents online; it's a great collaboration tool for your team. You are free to choose with whom to share your document: available for all, a URL invite only or create your own list of such users.

NOTE: Before proceeding with DNS configuration, make sure that your domain has passed ownership validation.

In order to set up Docs, follow the steps below:

1. Log into your cPanel account > Exclusive for Namecheap Customers section > Google Apps menu:

2. After that, select the Configure Google Apps for Documents option:

3. Then select the required domain name or subdomain from the drop-down menu and click the Configure button to finish the setup process:

4. Now you can log into Google Docs following the link.

5. You can also customize the login URL to Google Drive from your Google Admin console:

6. Click on Google Apps to see the full list of apps:

7. Move to the Drive menu then:

8. Once there, navigate to the General Settings section:

9. Hit Change URL then:

10. Switch to the custom option, specify the desired subdomain and hit Save to confirm the change:

11. Note, that Google Apps menu in cPanel configures DNS records for docs subdomain only.

If you wish to use another subdomain for Drive access, make sure that you create the corresponding subdomain in Zone Editor menu in cPanel and add a CNAME record with the following value

That's it!

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