How to install SSL certificates

SSL certificate installation is performed on the side of hosting company that provides services for the domain. If you are installing a certificate yourself, you can use the following instructions for installation.

If you have a server type different to the ones provided above, you can also try instructions provided by Certification Authorities.

    If you host site for your domain with us you will need to provide us with certificate that you received and we will install it on the server. Note that SSL certificate installation requires dedicated IP address* to be assigned to your domain. Dedicated IP address costs $24.00 per year. To request dedicated IP address you would need to submit a ticket to our Billing department. Our staff will send you the invoice and once you pay it, they will assign dedicated IP address to your hosting account.

    * Usually a dedicated IP address is required for SSL installation, however you have a possibility to install your SSL certificate on a shared IP address thanks to SNI technology that is available in your cPanel. Please pay attention that there are a few issues that may occur. Check the article and if SNI works for you, we will install SSL without ordering a dedicated IP address. Kindly let us know your decision: whether you wish to order a dedicated IP address or want to have your SSL installed using a shared IP of the server.


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