How do I generate a CSR code?

CSR code has to be generated on side of the company that provides hosting services for site that you want to secure with SSL certificate. Which means that your hosting company is the one that should generate a CSR code upon your request.

If you decide to generate a CSR code yourself or if your hosting company advises you to do so, then please follow the CSR generation instructions we created for you.

If you are activating a Multi-domain certificate and your server does not allow you generating a CSR for multiple common names, use only main common name for CSR generation and you will be able to add all required SANs during activation process at your Namecheap account.

In case you are using hosting services from Namecheap, please check here for instructions.

If neither of the provided match your server type, use instructions below provided by Certification Authorities. Click on name of the Certificate Authority you have certificate from to get to article on the CSR generation.
CSR code should have not less than 2048-bit key size.

Important Note!

Usually a dedicated IP address is required for SSL installation, however you have a possibility to install your SSL certificate on a shared IP address thanks to SNI technology that is available in your cPanel. Please pay attention that there are a few issues that may occur. Check the article and if SNI works for you, we will install SSL without ordering a dedicated IP address. Kindly let us know your decision: whether you wish to order a dedicated IP address or want to have your SSL installed using a shared IP of the server. 


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