How can I renew my expired domain?

Once the domain expires, it gets the Grace status. However, you can still reactivate most of the TLDs during 27 day grace period at a regular renewal price following the instructions below:

1) Sign in to your Namecheap account.

Mouse over Account option in upper right corner of the page and choose Expiring Soon, or choose Expiring Soon menu in the bar on your left. Here you will see the list of the services that will expire soon.

2) Find our the domain you need to renew and add it to Cart, then click on View Cart

3) Click on Confirm Order and proceed with checkout

After expiration a domain name can be reactivated for 1 year only.

If the domain cannot be found under Expiring Soon section, then it has passed the expiration grace period and is now in the redemption period.

More details on how a domain was placed in this status and recovery costs can be found in this article.


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