How to grant remote access to a single MySQL database

When it comes to granting someone (e.g to a friend or a site-developer) an access to MySQL databases, security issues and misunderstandings occur. Granting full access to the hosting account in order to modify one database is neither comfortable nor secure.

This article will guide you how to grant a remote access to a single MySQL database that is located on our shared server, without revealing hosting account password.

  • Download phpMyAdmin (PMA) package at this page. (.tar.gz extension is recommended)

  • Log in to your cPanel account.

  • Select FileManager feature.

  • Upload phpMyAdmin archive to your /public_html/ folder, select it and extract.

  • Rename phpMyAdmin folder if you would like.


It should be possible to access phpMyAdmin at domain.tld/PMA/ link now. Please be advised that cPanel is case sensitive, so if your PMA folder is called “phpMyAdmin-3.4.8-english”, then “http: // yourdomain.tld /phpMyAdmin-3.4.8-english/” link should be opened.

If someone tries to access your phpMyAdmin, then authentication page will appear.

login form

Database username and password should be filled there in order to access to the single database. This information can be provided to those people who should have access to the database, but should not have access to the whole cPanel account.

single database

cPanel username and password can be filled there in order to access to all databases that were created for this cPanel account.

cPanel account

It is highly recommended to follow this step-by-step guide in order to avoid any issues.


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