How to determine how many CPU resources I'm actually using?

All our shared hosting servers are equipped with Cloudlinux operating system at the moment, and it's extensions provide a very convenient way of checking resource usage statistics through cPanel.
You can find "Resource Usage" icon on main cPanel page. Once entered, the menu will show a statement mentioning if sites ever reached resource limits set for clients' accounts. To see details, please click on "Details". You will see diagrams and tables showing very detailed statistics of resource usage.
(Please find explanations below)


aCPU stands for average CPU usage in percents
mCPU means maximal CPU usage in percents
aEP stands for average "entry processes" or concurrent web server requests.
mEP is maximal number of entry processes for a given amount of time
lEP value shows limit set on number of concurrent requests sent to web server(Not total but one account limit)
mMEM value shows maximal amount of memory allocated by client's processes
lMEM stands for limit on memory usage currently set on a server
MemF stands for memory failures, i.e. situations when processes allocate too much memory and new requests of clients can not be served.
MepF shows number of cases in which clients got 508 HTTP error message due to web server not being able to serve a request after limit on entry processes(web server requests) had been reached.

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