How to Build A Business


Keen on turning your dream into a reality? You are the next generation of dreamers and doers. You have a great business idea and a long list of things you need to do, but it's not easy starting out on your own.

Everyone needs some help at the beginning, so that’s why we’ve created this step-by-step guide.

We will take you through every aspect of creating, running, and owning a business, from the brainstorming stage to becoming a fully fledged startup. Take your time. It’s an exciting journey and there will be plenty of challenges along the way.

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Your Vision

Why do you want to start this business? Go beyond making money here – find meaning in your journey. As when things get tough, and you're having a bad day, it's your vision that will see you through.

"The best way to promote a new or different belief is not with facts, but with a story." – Dave Gray, Liminal Thinking

All businesses are stories, and whoever believes in your fable, will follow your vision. Ask yourself, where do you see it going? Who is your ideal customer? Which audience groups are you looking to serve? Create a vision board and remember the excitement you felt when you first came up with the idea.

A few doubts might creep in, but that's natural when you're starting something new. It's entirely human to question why you are doing something. Remember, only you can do this.

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Attract Customers Without Spending a Cent

There are three fundamentals when it comes to attracting customers: networking, SEO, and social media.

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Expand your reach and contact as many people as possible. Sell your story.

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Use organic keywords so customers can find your business online.

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Social Media

Find out what your customers like to talk about in their spare time.

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Make connections that will pay off in the long-term

Now that you’ve identified your target audience, you need to meet them in person. Whether that’s online marketing or pressing the flesh, you need to get out there. Take business cards whenever you attend meetings. Make yourself heard.

Your style of networking will depend upon your business, but customers won’t find you by themselves. Find ways to make a name for yourself as a new business.

While networking, as well as finding new customers, you will also meet fellow entrepreneurs – people on the same journey as you. Discovering kindred spirits is invaluable for all business owners. So don't be a stranger. Meeting people is your job now.

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Optimize your business for Google

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means writing content that makes your business appear on Google. In other words, when a mum searches for the 'best nanny in New York,' will she find your childcare business or your competitors?

If your website has been SEO optimized, then you’re far more likely to be successful. You don’t have to post every hour on Facebook. Instead, when you’re creating a business website, make sure you can optimize your text for SEO purposes.

SEO is all about keywords – getting the right words on your website in the right places. There are tools you can use, such as Moz and Google AdWords, to find these keywords.

If you have an advertising budget, then you can also put money behind your Google keyword efforts to find new audiences, but it’s possible to be successful without spending.

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Social Media

Who is your target audience?

Every business needs to reach out on social media. As a social media user, you will probably understand this already, but how do you do it for a new business? A top priority for business owners is identifying your audience's favorite social media platforms.

For example, a plumbing business is probably better off advertising on Facebook than a news-orientated platform such as Twitter. Social media is fickle and constantly changing, so it's easy to get it wrong at first.

Staying on top of trends and niche platforms takes time and dedication. Social media is where your customers gossip among themselves. It’s where you need to be to gain traction with your audience, so picking the right channel is a significant decision for your business.

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Selling Your Business

All successful businesses need to sell themselves, price accordingly, and make customer payments easy.

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Know your market value and check out the competition.

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Sell your founding vision and highlight the benefits of your business.

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Make it fast and easy for customers to pay you. They won’t wait.

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Determine the value of your business

What are your product and services worth? You need to determine your market value and check out the competition to see how you measure up.

Find the answer to these questions:

  • What are your competitors charging?

  • Does the uniqueness of my solution mean I can charge more?

  • What do I need to charge to make a profit?

  • How much would I pay for my product?

  • What would my ideal customer pay?

Be bold and competitive from the outset. As a new business owner, there’s a tendency to be overly grateful and take whatever you’re offered. Pricing is a delicate balancing act. Remember, your customers need your services as much as you need their business, so always retain your value when pricing.

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If you don't like what's being said, change the conversation

Your business vision will form the basis of your selling strategy. It's easy to sell your business if you believe in your own story. It just takes a little preparation. The best way is to sell your idea in simple terms. Maybe write a one-liner or a 50-word elevator pitch that you're comfortable reeling off to customers.

It's crucial to sell the benefits and not the functionality of your business. Listen to what your customers want to hear. Do they actually care about your software innovation features or are they more excited about the beach vacation in Thailand they can book on your app?

It's natural to get sidetracked by procedures and forget why you started your business in the first place. Remember, no one will ever care about it as much as you do. Convincing others to care is the most challenging step of all.

If selling doesn't come naturally, you may need to try something different. Instead of talking to big groups, maybe you can gauge people’s needs and listen to them one-to-one. Not everyone is an extroverted sales type, but you can still believe passionately in your business and find a path to success.

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Keep it easy, fast, and simple

Try and make it easy for your customers to pay you. Even if you don’t have an online store, people expect to be able to pay you quickly. Usually, that’s on your website or an instant payment app. Again, it’s all about knowing your customer.

PayPal is a popular payment option for sole traders and small businesses. If you have an online store, then Shopify, WooCommerce and eBay have payment widgets you can add for free. If you prefer something more traditional, then you can always include a bank payment field, or provide an address where customers can send you cash or a check.

Getting paid is the final step to ‘closing the deal,’ so it’s important you don’t put any obstacles in your customer’s way. Make it clear, fast, and straightforward.

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If you’re starting a new business, then your journey will inevitably come with some risks. Things don’t always pan out the way you expect. Business journeys can zig-zag, especially when you’re still working everything out. If things don’t fall into place, then remember you will have learned something new and can try something else.

Failure has been the gateway to many successful businesses. Some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs failed multiple times before their big break.

Creating a new business is a rollercoaster challenge and worth risking for the thrill alone. So if you’re looking to embark upon a new entrepreneurial journey, then watch this space for fresh ideas on how to find more customers and share your content.