How to start your own podcast (and why you should!)

How to start your own podcast

Headshot - Christopher Fitton

Christopher Fitton

Host of Sleep Cove


In this presentation you will learn the basics of how to start and run a podcast, as well as growth and monetization strategies.

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Headshot - Christopher Fitton

Christopher Fitton

Christopher Fitton is a UK based clinical hypnotherapist and advocate for the therapeutic power of hypnotherapy. He hosts the successful health and wellness podcast Sleep Cove.

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Sleep Cove

Sleep Cove is a free Podcast and YouTube Channel designed to help you get a great night's sleep through hypnosis, mediations and stories. Started 18 months ago and featured in Apple’s New and Noteworthy and mentioned in The Guardian, Forbes and The Atlantic, Sleep Cove has grown to become one of the worlds largest podcasts. Examples of episodes are "Hypnosis to Relax your Mind and Body", or a classic bedtime story read to you peacefully. The Podcast helps thousands of people sleep and with their mental health every day.


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