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Headshot - Loren Rochelle

Loren Rochelle

Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor


Everyone knows the analogy if the bones are good nothing else matters. This can be applied to your home, your relationship, your family and absolutely can apply to your business. You all are going to create multi-million dollar businesses and you should be planning for that now; it’s the best advice I can give. I’ll share how to choose a partner, the importance of planning, the power of relationships, most common failures, and tools you can start using now to organize yourself for success.

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Headshot - Loren Rochelle

Loren Rochelle

Loren is a passionate leader with a vision, refusing to settle for anything less than revolutionary. Loren has dedicated her career to finding better, more transparent ways to achieve success for startups, brands and agencies, proving that some systems were meant to be broken. In 2014 Loren co-founded NOM, a video advertising technology company focused on data and transparency. With just $4,000 in startup cash she grew it into a $20M+ business in 5 years, seeing it through an acquisition and landing NOM the #10 spot on the INC 500’s Fastest Growing Companies In America. Before bringing NOM to life, Loren spent several years leading teams at multi-million dollar video startups, building their client base and capabilities from the ground up. Loren has landed coverage in major print outlets around the world, including the AdAge, Forbes, Agency Spotter, and Inc Magazine. In 2016 Loren was named in Forbes 30 Under 30 and in 2018 spoke on Innovation Stage at Cannes Lions. She is vehement about diversity and creating a more inclusive workplace in the tech industry, particularly advocating for minority and female leadership.

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NOM is the leading solution for brand-suitable, contextually relevant video advertising. NOM ensures ads reach the right YouTube, video and social audiences by aligning with content that reflects each brand’s values while eliminating wasted spend and exposure to questionable content.


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