Branding on a budget

Branding on a budget

Headshot - Glenda Hoon-Russell

Glenda Hoon-Russell

Speaker and coach


Especially as solopreneurs or small business owners, we don’t necessarily need to spend thousands of dollars to have a design firm create an identity for us in the first year or two of business. I recommend taking a lighter, less expensive approach in the first year, and then once your business is more established, and you know exactly who you are marketing to, you can hire a fancy design firm. In this masterclass, I will walk you through the key components of creating a simple brand guidelines consisting of a logo, color palette, and font palette with little to no budget.

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Headshot - Glenda Hoon-Russell

Glenda Hoon-Russell

Glenda Hoon Russell is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and transformational coach. Since the ripe age of ten, she has operated businesses such as designing and selling jewelry at craft shows to running an international digital graphic and website design firm for eight years to a soon-to-be-published author of The Status Foe book.

As a professional speaker, Glenda covers various topics such as branding/marketing, mental health, and challenging the status quo. Her subject matter may vary, but her focus is fierce as each workshop, in-person or virtual event is carefully crafted for the event’s specific audience. Glenda’s dynamic talks are based on her experiences of failures and wins, and she shares this through personal and relatable stories to illustrate her points. Glenda has the ability to make your audience feel as if she is speaking directly to them as a friend. Your audience will leave motivated to use the tangible actions steps in their every day to improve their branding, mental health, or creating a life they love.

Logo - The Status Foe

The Status Foe

What is the Status Foe? We’ve all heard of the status quo, right? The definition of the status quo is the way things are right now or the current state of affairs. And I think the status quo is our enemy of living the life you truly deserve.

The status quo distracts us with its shiny promises of temporary happiness, which leave us feeling empty. We’re so busy keeping up with someone else’s timeline and dream that we are left exhausted and drained. But we naturally want to feel good, so we continue to chase temporary happiness. We spend so much time building a life according to this so-called dream that we are strangers to ourselves.

I am here to help you un-become everything that doesn’t suit your highest and best self. We must slowly and methodically remove each layer of societal or parent conditioning that blocks us from truly being ourselves. When you can freely be yourself there is a quiet confidence to live peacefully and have the tools to help you when life gets inevitably difficult.


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