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Google Workspace for your small business: features & pricing overview

What you'll learn: An overview of a new product from Google and its capabilities, compared to competing services.

Product general

All Types of DNS Records Explained

What you'll learn: This guide explains the different types of DNS records you might have to change, including common and less common DNS records.

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The Best Types of Business Emails to Write

What you'll learn: Bookmark these professional email examples. Inspire your business comms and use this cool collection of email formats to write to clients, customers, followers, and even your employer.


Choosing the best Linux hosting for you

What you'll learn: Guide of сhoosing the best Linux hosting for you, why do you need Linux Hosting and which benefits of types of servers?

Product general

How does email work?

What you'll learn: How does email travel the web? This guide covers email protocols, servers, what’s in those headers, POP vs IMAP and more.

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How To Fix The ‘DNS server not responding’ Error

What you'll learn: A dozen easy hacks to fix ‘DNS Server Not Responding Errors’ on your devices — for Windows and Mac users.

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How to Host a Website

What you'll learn: How to Host a Website? 3 Easy Steps. 1. Buy a domain nameAny website needs a name. Therefore, the first step is to register a domain name for your future website. The name of the website will become its permanent address where users can find it on the Internet. A unique domain name can be […]

Getting Started

What is Time-To-Live and How does It Work?

What you'll learn: We are going to talk about the TTL settings that instruct your DNS and how TTL impacts CDNs.

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What is a Reverse Proxy Server?

What you'll learn: There’s a lot of complicated explanations for how proxies work. We’re going to distill things into easier to understand article.

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How to Get a Free Google Workspace Email Account (Google Apps)

What you'll learn: Speed up your workflow and communications, and take the fear away from malware and spam with a free Google Workspace Email account.

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