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Website header: Learn the basics and why it matters

What you'll learn: Reel in new customers by making a great first impression with a well-designed header for your business website.

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How to create a compelling and valuable landing page: A Namecheap case study

What you'll learn: A good landing page will give the user what they need and leave them feeling positive towards the brand behind it.


What is Reputation Management and why is it so important?

What you'll learn: Handling reviews & maintaining a positive online profile.

Marketing Basics

Reputation Management — how to write review replies like a pro

What you'll learn: Everything you need to write review replies like an experienced PR pro.

Online Marketing

Why VPS hosting is perfect for developers

What you'll learn: This article should tell the user how VPS could improve the productivity of web developers.

Product general

5 great website footer examples for your website inspiration

What you'll learn: Find out how to design a website footer that helps your brand grow and thrive while also creating a better user experience.

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Understanding types of domain names

What you'll learn: Become an expert on domain types, the cost of registering, and pick up some handy tips on domain name registration.


How to choose the best site and site-engine hosting

What you'll learn: The description of the various types of hosting available before diving into the practical implications of the services you might be thinking of installing on your site.

Product general

The 10 best domain registrars of 2022

What you'll learn: We’ve researched the best domain registrars, so you’ll know the best place to choose and buy a domain name.


A step-by-step guide on how to successfully market a product

What you'll learn: Get insider tips for promoting a specific product from your brand, including how to put together a marketing strategy.

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