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what is ttl

What is Time-To-Live and How does It Work?

What you'll learn: We are going to talk about the TTL settings that instruct your DNS and how TTL impacts CDNs.

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2020 Domain Insights & Trends Report

What you'll learn: The Namecheap 2020 domain industry report was created with proprietary registration data showing the evolving impact of top-level domains over time. The report covers industry trends from 2020, as well as the last decade (2010 – 2019). Check out Namecheap’s entire report for unique insights into the domain registration market.

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What is a Reverse Proxy Server?

What you'll learn: There’s a lot of complicated explanations for how proxies work. We’re going to distill things into easier to understand article.

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How to Get a Free Google Workspace Email Account (Google Apps)

What you'll learn: Speed up your workflow and communications, and take the fear away from malware and spam with a free Google Workspace Email account.

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How to choose a real estate company domain

What you'll learn: Find your ideal real estate domain armed with the technical details and top points to pay attention to when shopping around.

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Best Domain Names and Providers for Small Business

What you'll learn: From TLDs to SLDs, discover the best providers and domain names for your small business that will fit your budget and specific needs.

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How to Choose the Best Hosting Provider for a Video Streaming Website

What you'll learn: Check out your options and choose the best video hosting provider for you — from dedicated servers to premium packages.

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Top 5 Marketplaces To Find And Buy Expired Domains in 2020

What you'll learn: From recovering your domain, establishing a new website, to buying a few as placeholders, find out the top five marketplaces.

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What is SSL and TLS

What you'll learn: Wondering how SSL and TLS certificates work? Take a look and get informed on how to protect your website and customers.


Choosing the Best VPS Provider Made Easy

What you'll learn: Learn about the various types of VPS providers and get a good overview of all the big name and upstart options available.

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