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How to build a website

What you'll learn: From basics like domains and hosting, through to security and design advice, get the knowledge you need to build your first website.


Namecheap’s virtual kit for new parents

What you'll learn: Find out how you can register your kid’s first domain through our virtual kit, and reserve their very own piece of the internet for them.


Expert roundup: hiring a web designer (Part 3)

What you'll learn: The help and advice from those who’ve been there and done it just keeps coming in the third installment of our expert roundup.

Expert Advice

Expert roundup: hiring a web designer (Part 2)

What you'll learn: Want even more top tips on how to find and hire the right web designer for your project? Here’s extra advice from pros in the know.

Expert Advice

Top tips for on-page SEO | expert advice

What you'll learn: Discover essential techniques from individual specialists and heads of agencies, and make your on-page SEO the best that it can be.

Expert Advice

Expert roundup: hiring a web designer

What you'll learn: Take a look at what experienced professionals and top people from design agencies have to say about hiring the right web designer.

Expert Advice

The Namecheap University Initiative

What you'll learn: Learn all about how Namecheap gives Free .me websites to college students and educators — helping the next generation make a digital mark.


How to protect your online business from fraud

What you'll learn: Take a close look at the types of fraud criminals can easily employ to disrupt your online business, and how to beat them just as easily.


Market Research 101

What you'll learn: Assess demand for your products, paint a picture of your customer base, understand what people want most, and so much more.

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Google Docs tips and tricks

What you'll learn: Get more from Google docs through our comprehensive guide, offering tips, hacks, and shortcuts across Docs, Slides, Sheets, and more.

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