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5 tips on how to create a brand style guide

What you'll learn: Create a consistent and memorable visual identity for your company by creating a brand style guide with these helpful tips.

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Restaurant branding: Your step-by-step guide to success

What you'll learn: Want to promote your restaurant? Use this guide to make sure your marketing strategy brings diners through the door.

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How to start a gaming channel

What you'll learn: Turn your gaming hobby into something that’s potentially profitable with this guide to creating a gaming channel.

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How to choose your logo color wisely for your business

What you'll learn: Discover expert tips for picking out logo colors for your brand based on what each tone symbolizes to potential customers.

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The basics of brand identity and why it matters

What you'll learn: What is brand identity? Learn all about this aspect of marketing and how to develop a unique identity for your own brand.

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How to boost your WordPress site security for free

What you'll learn: A six-step action plan to improve WordPress site security.


Registries, Registrars and Registrants: what’s the difference?

What you'll learn: The domain registration process is very straightforward. But the simple facade hides a fair bit of technical intricacy.


Get your own domain name and build an online presence

What you'll learn: Learn how to build your web presence with a personal domain name by reading our handy guide.


How to advertise my business locally: 5 tips for successful marketing

What you'll learn: Boost your brand recognition with local marketing. Discover five strategies to connect with customers in your community.

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11 grand opening ideas for small businesses

What you'll learn: Kick off your new business with a strong marketing strategy by organizing a grand opening that draws in new customers.

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