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Just like birthdays, unboxing, and that new-car smell, there’s nothing quite like the release of a new domain. With our Early Access Period, you’ll get exclusive pre-market domain pricing on some old favorites as well as TLDs brand new to the world. So if you love fresh deals as much as we do, be sure to keep an eye on our EAP to grab hot domains before they’re available to the public!

Recently Launched TLDs

Coming Soon

  • .travel

    Launch time - TBD

  • .is

    Launch time - TBD

  • .nl

    Launch time - TBD

  • .it

    Launch time - TBD

  • .charity

    Launch time - TBD

  • .dev

    Launch time - TBD

  • .web

    Launch time - TBD

  • .luxe

    Launch time - TBD

  • .fan

    Launch time - TBD

  • .realestate

    Launch time - TBD

Most frequently asked questions:

  1. How will I know when specific TLDs launch?

    You’ll find the latest upcoming TLD launches listed here in our “Coming Soon” section. We’ll keep it regularly updated, so you’ll always know which TLDs to expect next. Some domains will be brand new, some will be new to Namecheap, but you’ll get exclusive early purchase access to every one of them.

    If you’d like to browse even more new TLDs, check out ICANN’s new TLD launch list.

  2. Some TLDs are not available through Namecheap. Can you tell me when you plan to add them?

    Sure! If your TLD is not in the list of the upcoming launch, please reach out to our support team and let them know which TLDs you’d like to see launched–we’ll definitely see what we can do.

  3. What is ‘pre-order’ and do you support it?

    Pre-order is basically a priority pre-registration, which allows you to book your name of choice in a particular namespace before the TLD becomes publicly available for registration.

    We do support pre-order for some TLDs and will let you know which ones when they become available.

  4. Is there any fee for pre-order?

    Yes, usually domain pre-order comes with an additional fee which is set by the registry. This may differ from registry to registry and also between TLDs. Pre-order fees also change with time–the closer you are to the TLD launch date, the lower the fee. Keep in mind, however, that waiting for the fee to drop means someone may grab your domain before you!

Still have questions about Domains?

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  • Domain registrations as well as EAP fee within EAP are final and non-refundable.

  • For premium domain names EAP fee is added on top of the premium price.

  • Regular discounts and coupon codes do not apply to domains in Sunrise and Early Access periods.

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