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Education comes in many forms, from traditional classrooms in academies and institutes to developing skills at camps and clubs. Fortunately for us, the diversity of TLDs related to learning available reflect that.

In the wise words of Benjamin Franklin, “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.“ If you offer any services that can expand people’s knowledge, you’ll want a domain that suggests that. Cater to those hungry to learn with a domain to inspire. Reach out to potential students, and educators with one of these new education domains.

Learn about the newest education domain extensions


Education and careers come hand in hand. There’s an abundance of websites offering careers guidance, and paths to work such as apprenticeships for example. With a .careers domain, you can create a website to set people on the right career path. This TLD is perfect for any institution geared towards career opportunities.

The .careers TLD has been available since 2014, and many sites have adopted it, using it for different reasons, for example, provide access to a massive database of over 1 million jobs in the US. Another great example of .careers in use comes from Rakuten, an enormous online marketplace popular in Japan. They use to host a site separate from their main domain to find new employees and to provide information to anyone hoping to start a career with their company.


With so many sites ending with .com, it’s time to consider creating your online destination with the .center top-level domain. This TLD is a great choice for educational facilities that want to be seen as the center of knowledge, and it’s the best choice for any nonprofit or school whose name ends with “center.” If similar sounding institutions trying to reach the same students, using the .center extension lets you skip adding unnecessary words, letters, and numbers to create a memorable domain name for your facility.

For inspiration, check out the website for online community tool Founder. Founder created the domain for their site that matches founders with potential mentors.


The word “academy” strikes the balance between an educational institute such as a training academy and an institution of scholars in a given field, like the Royal Academy of Arts. As such, any entity that brands itself an academy, from higher education facilities to universities, language facilities, tutoring services and institutes known for excellence, can create an informative web address with a .academy domain.

Even online marketing services such as are adopting this new TLD, proving how flexible it can be.


It takes hard work and dedication to become an expert in anything, until then, you’re in training. Whether you’re training people to be the next Bruce Lee or offer facilities to learn morse code, a .training domain is just the ticket. Academies of all sizes, personal tutors, and educational facilities can take up this domain.

It’s also a neat option for branded training programs, seminars and training events. Take for example. This website uses a .training extension for their Facility Management training, education and professional development services.


Camps have remained a popular past time, and there are camps to cater to pretty anything these days. There are educational camps, girls scouts groups, sports camps, weight loss camps, and more. If you are in the business of offering facilities for fun, self-improvement, and new adventures away from home, the .camp TLD is an ideal fit for your website.

This extension is also popular in the tech industry; is the home of a group of developers offering Microsoft apps to help people succeed in their windows based project work.


While .edu is restricted to US-affiliated institutes of higher education, the .education TLD is open to anyone and extendable to just about anything related to education. It covers all types of learning styles like online resources and can lend itself as the primary address for bricks and mortar educational facilities such as schools and academies.

Education is another gTLD that’s been interpreted in a variety of ways. The website for Compass, ( provides solutions for educational facilities, such as staff, student, and parent portals, parents teach interview planning and much more. On the other end of the spectrum are sites like who use the .education TLD for their public schools database.


The word “institute” describes any organization that is dedicated and focused on a particular purpose, which leaves this TLD wide open for interpretation. Any organization with an educational mission can take advantage of the .institute TLD. With this new extension, you can project an air of refined expertise in any given field.

.institute is a strong choice for faculties, research centers, training centers and any other places of learning such as e-learning institute Digital Technology with their domain.


The .club top-level domain dropped back in 2014 and those using the address range from celebrities 50 cent ( to places where like-minded people gather to exchange ideas and learn some new skills.

If, like, you run an organization of people with a common interest who meet from time to time and take part in shared activities, a .club domain is without a doubt the perfect TLD for your website. Just be quick, domains with this extension are starting to fetch high figures.

Inspire others with a targeted domain name

Education is a fundamental human right, and a valiant pursuit for those offering their knowledge and anyone seeking to extend theirs. The remaining .coms aren’t within everyone's budget, and most suitable options for targeted keywords are unavailable.

With these new TLDs, education facilities large and small have their own affordable and unique namespace.

Once you’ve decided which extension is the right fit, it’s time to purchase your new online home. If you’re ready to register your new domain, look no further than Namecheap, we provide free Whois Protection, Email & URL forwarding, free dynamic DNS and much more.

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