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There’s lots to consider when kicking off an online venture, but not many things should sit higher up on your digital to-do list than ‘Find perfect domain name’. The domain you register affects how easily customers can find you, your Google rankings, and the overall impression of your brand. That means choosing the best registrar should come pretty high up on your list too.

But how do you choose between global leaders like Namecheap vs. GoDaddy, or vs. Network Solutions? It’s worth the extra research, and fortunately, we’ve done it for you. Take a look at the most common features of domain registrars and the benefits offered by each.

Price for .com $10.98
As low as $0.00
As low as $7.99
Limited cross-selling

Knowledgebase / Quality resources

24/7 customer support via help desk

Chat only

Whois Privacy Free
Dedicated to Security & Privacy

* The details in the comparison table were correct as for October 16, 2018 and the information for each competitor may not include certain features, functionalities or quantities and is subject to change.

Cost of domain transfers

Not happy with your current registrar? You might consider transferring your domain. This change is a simple process, usually involves a fee. Namecheap and IONOS are the best companies with transfers, charging fees as little as $0 in some circumstances. If you transfer your .com domain to Namecheap, the charge is only $8.88, a savings compared to GoDaddy.

Customer Support

Most business owners and customers agree that support options make all the difference. If your schedule involves working outside of regular business hours, picking a domain registrar with 24/7 support is a reasonable precaution. Namecheap, GoDaddy,, and IONOS all have support centers that are open around the clock.

Network Solutions promises to respond to all service requests within 48 hours, with many areas of support only available on weekdays. allows you to submit email tickets anytime, but chat and phone support times are limited.

Useful online resources

Sometimes you might just want to find answers yourself. This is especially true for longer how-to questions that may require back-and-forth references. Access to a strong knowledge base is therefore beneficial. GoDaddy,, and all have searchable libraries of FAQs, instructions, and how-to guides.

Namecheap maintains hundreds of pages of knowledge, helpful for everything from setting up your DNS to renewing your domain name. You can also find insightful guides to managing any website or online business in Namecheap’s Resource Center.

Data Privacy

Online privacy is more important than ever. Namecheap has always taken a stand on internet liberty. Everyone at the company truly believes in privacy, security, freedom and equal treatment for everyone who uses the internet. Namecheap has helped fight the passage of both SOPA and PIPA, legislation that would've significantly compromised privacy protections.

Whois Protection

Each time you register for a new domain name, identification and contact information must be sent to a central database called Whois. This database is searchable by anyone in the world. For some businesses, this data is already public, but for personal websites and private organizations, this can be sensitive information. A Whois privacy feature keeps your information private and accessible only with your explicit permission.

All companies reviewed offer some degree of Whois privacy, but most charge a fee. If privacy is important to you, you could think of this fee as part of the standard annual expense of keeping your domain. charges only $4.99 per year to keep your information private, a lower fee than GoDaddy, IONOS,, and Network Solutions. Namecheap, however, offers free domain privacy with all registered and transferred domains. So you get it free.


All of the companies compared here specialize in more than one product. While cross-selling is typical with most businesses, being bombarded by emails from business partners with marketing materials can be downright frustrating. Namecheap makes it easy to manage all of your domain and hosting plans in one place, and it doesn’t continually target your inbox, and social media feeds for new business.

Namecheap promises never to share your information with third-party marketing companies, too. This assurance means you won’t register for a domain one day, then start getting ads for a new computer the next. In several years, that adds up to hundreds of hours you won’t have to see cross-promotional advertisements.

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