Namecheap Super Weekend Trivia Contest - Free Domains Every Hour!

It's Superbowl weekend and you know what that means: free domain trivia time!

The object of this contest is simple: Simply follow us on Twitter and answer our trivia questions correctly. We’ll post a new question any time during the hour every hour. Eight domains will be awarded hourly to winners who answer the questions correctly.

But it doesn’t stop there. The top scoring winner of the entire weekend's contest will win a Samsung Galaxy Tab and the second runner up will be winning an Apple 16GB WiFi iPad!

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a free online service that lets people communicate and connect with one another. Twitter asks you “What’s happening?” and relies on you to answer that question in a 140-character area. Through Twitter, you can connect with long lost friends, your favorite domain name registrar, or find new friends. Twitter can be accessed from a web browser, a mobile phone, or anywhere you are. Learn more about Twitter from this video or this introductory post from Zappos here.

Participation is simple.

Participation in our Super Weekend Trivia contest is simple! Sign up for a Twitter account ( and then follow us (our username is @namecheap). We will be posting a trivia question every hour from February 5th through February 6th (beginning midnight on February 5th, Eastern Time, -0500 GMT), but this time, the question can be asked at any time during the hour! Eight people who reply to the tweet with the correct answer gets a $10.16 credit to their Namecheap account. It's really that easy.

Here's an example:

  1. Namecheap (@namecheap) will send out a Tweet (that is a Twitter message) saying “I always thirst, yet never hunger. I wear a hat in the summer heat, but when the cold winds blow, my head is bare. What am I?"
  2. You must prefix your answer on Twitter with @namecheap, so you'd respond with "@namecheap a tree".

The @ symbol brings the message to our attention. If that's not present, we won't see it! BUT wait, it's different this time around! If you're one of the first six people to answer correctly, we will send $10.16 for a new domain or renewal directly into your Namecheap account. Two other winners chosen at random will win the $10.16 domain name credit as well.

As a note, we have taken great care in covering every possible answer possibility. We are limited to Twitter’s toolset and will award domain credits and points accordingly. Answers that do not follow the outlined conventions may not be collected and points will not be awarded.

How do I win and redeem my domains?

If you are one of the first six people to answer correctly*, we will send $10.16 for a new domain or renewal directly into your Namecheap account. Two other winners chosen at random will win the $10.16 domain name credit as well, so don’t give up if you’re not the first!

* You are only eligible to win a domain once per day based on the EST timezone. (Therefore, yes, you can win on the 23:00 hour and then again at 00:00!).

We will then announce the winners and answers on Twitter.

To claim the credit, you should link your Namecheap account to your twitter account. That process is simple:

Here's how:

  • Log into your NameCheap account (if you don’t have one, you can create one for free at - there is no credit card necessary).
  • After you log in, go to ‘My Account’ > ‘Manage Profile’ and choose the “Twitter integration” link on the left (
  • Enter your Twitter username and click “verify.”
  • A short code will be sent from NameCheap to your Twitter account using a direct message (a message that no one else but you could see). Note: unless you follow us (@namecheap) on Twitter, we will not be able to send you that code. (There is another option available for validation that will be shown on the integration page as well.)
  • Enter the code on the confirmation page. That will complete the integration process.
  • Once linked, you’ll see a credit on your NameCheap account within a few hours after your winning. You’ll be able to register domains, purchase WhoisGuard, or save up for hosting or SSL certificates.

If you have changed your Twitter name and need to update it in our system, please open a support ticket and someone will be able to help you.


Two trivia participants with the most correct answers will win either a Samsung Galaxy Tab or an Apple iPad*.

The top scoring winner will receive the Samsung Galaxy Tab**. The second place winner will receive the Apple iPad***. If more than one user have the same top score, a winner will be decided based on a random draw.

You do not have to be the first person to answer the question in order to be eligible for the grand prizes. You can answer as many questions every day in order to add to your tally of correct answers. Answer as much as you can for your chance to score some of the coolest consumer electronics and computers around!

As always, thanks for choosing Namecheap for your domain name registrar and web hosting needs! Follow us on Twitter to learn more about our deals, promotions, and to participate in our contests. Alternatively, follow us on Facebook for updates about contests, support, and more!

Here are some Rules

  1. To encourage more participants to play, each contestant can win only one domain per day. Remember though -- to be considered for the iPad or Galaxy Tab, it is to your advantage to keep playing! 
  2. Your Twitter account must be publicly viewable during the time you participate in this contest. If your tweets are protected, we have no way of tallying your answers. 
  3. Anyone caught using bots to game the contest will be automatically disqualified from this promotion and all subsequent contests, and will relinquish their earnings. This is supposed to be a fun contest for everyone. To report a suspected bot, please email contest AT 
  4. Only one participant per household can take part in the contest.
  5. Only use one Twitter/Namecheap account per person/location. Any suspicious activity connecting one user to multiple accounts will result in disqualification and removal of any earned credits. 
  6. Grand prize winners of previous Namecheap contests are ineligible to win any of the grand prizes in this contest.
  7. Providing two possible answers in a single tweet is grounds for disqualification from this and all future contests. You are asked to use your best judgment and provide one single answer. Your first answer is always final, so deleting the tweet will not count. However, if you provide an answer like "@Namecheap $55 or $32," you will be disqualified.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I see my score if I am not on the leaderboard?

    Unfortunately, given the number of participants in this contest, there is no way to see your score if you are not on the leaderboard.

  2. Sometimes the last question of the day does not have an answer. Why?

    We are aware of this; the answers may be delayed by a few hours. Feel free to check back later in the day since it will be updated.

  3. Can you go back and review my answer?

    Because we have hundreds of answers per question, we're unable to review individual answers.

  4. The answer you provided is very wrong! Can you change it?

    The answers we have are final, but we will review your feedback so that we can improve upon our trivia for next time. We're sorry if some of these questions are not 100% perfect; we can never anticipate the answers before the trivia starts.

  5. Does spelling count?


  6. Does capitalization count?


  7. My answer didn't count. Why?

    You should answer the question as soon as possible. If you answer too close to the next question being asked, our system unfortunately is unable to record the answer.

  8. I was first. Why didn't I get my credit?

    Being first is not necessarily determined by the first answer in Twitter search. We are using Twitter's API and the data apparently does not match. The first person likely was not found in Twitter search; you can check this by looking at the winners and finding out which one doesn't show up in Twitter's search results.

  9. How do you select winners for domain names?

    In this competition, there are 8 winners: the first six people who answer correctly and two people who answer correctly are chosen randomly.

  10. Someone won 2 domains in the same day! How is that possible?

    Days are determined on the Eastern Standard Time calendar. It is actually possible to win a domain at 11:00PM EST (23:00) and then at 12:00AM EST, one single hour later.

  11. It looks like I have not won a domain. What gives?

    The system is *totally* automated when selecting the random winners. Your best chances of securing a domain name is by answering correctly first.

  12. Can I answer twice?

    No, only your first answer to @namecheap is counted after the question is asked. Therefore, if you ask Namecheap a question about your (future) answer, it is counted! Please use your best judgment.

  13. When are questions asked?

    They can be asked anytime till next question is posted. For example, if a question is asked at 7:20, you should answer it before the next question is posted which may be at 8:15 for example.

  14. I have not gotten my credits yet. Why not?

    We ask that you link your Twitter account to your Namecheap account *before* you start to play. Otherwise, we have to manually process this request. You can email contest AT namecheap DOT com with your Twitter ID and we'll take care of it.

  15. I found someone violating the contest. How can I report it to you?

    Please email specific details to contest AT namecheap DOT com. Please note that we review all complaints but are unable to disclose the outcome of our investigations.


If you have any questions about the competition, please email contest AT namecheap . com.
* The equivalent cash value may be substituted based on availability. We cannot ship these products to non-US residents. Cash equivalent will be paid by PayPal only. Please ensure that you have a valid PayPal account and that you can accept incoming payments. Alternatively, the equivalent cash value can be deposited into your Namecheap account upon request.
** The Samsung Galaxy Tab is valued at $599.99.
*** The Apple iPad is the 16GB edition valued at $499.

Contest Highlights

  • 8 domains every hour
  • $5,000+ in domains and prizes
  • 1 Samsung Galaxy Tab for top scorer
  • 1 Apple iPad for second place
  • Starts Feb 5, 2011 12:00 AM Eastern
  • Ends Feb 6, 2011 11:59 PM Eastern
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