Senior Content Copywriter

Location: Flexible

Product Description

Senior Content Copywriter is responsible for brainstorming, creating and transforming ideas into engaging words for Namecheap web contents. Writes words and text for promotion, contents, websites, blog, press releases, emails and other channels.

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  • Support user-centric content marketing initiatives in Display, Affiliate, Social, and PR.

  • Create content for our existing and future target audience to grow our brand footprint. Adjust the tone and voice to communicate effectively to both tech-savvy customers and web novices.

  • Analyze web copy and competitors’ activity to inform our content marketing strategy and tactics.

  • Write clear, engaging and persuasive copy for Namecheap website, blog, email, promotion, presentation and other means of channels.

  • Research the technical properties of products.

  • Develop unique new concepts.

  • Conceive, develop and produce effective projects.

  • Report to Director of Creative Lab.

  • Work with Creative Lab team and vision owner to determine customers needs.

  • Work with graphic designers to create ideas.

  • Revise, edit, and proofread content as needed or directed by the client.

  • Work within tight deadlines.

  • Check copy for spelling and grammar errors.

  • Work with UX and the production department to fully develop the campaign.

  • Explore different ideas and concepts for both the visual and verbal elements in tandem with the Creative Lab team.

  • Work with designers, illustrators, printers, photographers and production companies to complete the project.

  • Write new product press releases.

The Creative Lab copywriter should

  • Have good written and interpersonal skills.

  • able to write engaging and persuasive copy in American English.

  • Have an eye for details.

  • Have an interest in internet, web culture, e-commerce, tech and popular culture.

  • Be highly creative and imaginative, and curious about Namecheap services.

  • Be skilled in writing clear, concise and grammatically correct copy.

  • work well in a team and with a range of creative people.

  • Be able to work under pressure and manage workloads effectively.

  • Be highly self-motivated and well organized.

  • Be able to see other people's points of view and take on board feedback.

  • familiarizing themselves with the Namecheap service, target audience and competitor activities in the market.

  • Brainstorming ideas and concepts for the visual and words with other members of the Creative Lab team.

  • Presenting initial ideas to the Director of Creative Lab, some of which may be rejected or developed into workable concepts.

  • Writing various copy options, which may be presented to the Vision Owner as a draft.

This job might be for you if

  • Have minimum 5-10 years of work experience in advertising agencies, marketing agencies, in-house agencies, contents agencies. 4+ years of technical marketing writing experience preferred.

  • You have a good understanding of Internet technology industry, preferably in sectors such as domain registration, web hosting, and Internet security, etc.

  • You love working with people, to solve problems.

  • You are detail oriented and highly-focused.

  • You can simplify complex problems into digestible, easy to understand solutions.

  • You are comfortable working with remote teams, and a dispersed workforce.

  • You are good at understanding technical concepts and translating them into effective messaging for business and/or consumer audiences.

  • You have practical knowledge of marketing best practices related to SEO, digital conversion, and social media.

  • You have experience building strong and capable teams and would enjoy aligning your work with our vision, mission and values.

  • You want to work in a growing, a fast-paced and exciting environment that will challenge you from day one.

You will work closely with

  • Director of Creative Lab.

  • Creative Lab Team.

  • Marketing, Product, and UX.


  • Bachelor's degree in Art/Literature.

  • MBA (preferred).

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