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Why FastVPN is streaming ahead in 2024

As censorship tightens and cyber threats escalate, FastVPN has developed new features to protect your privacy and expand digital access in 2024. 

While autocratic governments have imposed more online barriers, we remain committed to protecting your Internet freedom.

This year we introduced a Chrome extension for streaming, embraced the WireGuard protocol, and implemented split tunneling — all in response to your feedback and a changing online world.

From bypassing geo-blocks to safer online banking, our tech can help you browse and stream securely on any device. Read on as we detail the upgrades pushing FastVPN to new heights.

Securing your streams with a VPN

Tired of geo-restricted messages stopping you from watching Netflix shows? That’s where FastVPN’s Chrome extension comes into play, blowing past virtual walls to unlock a world of entertainment.

With our new Chrome extension, you can access better movies, TV series, and live sports with buffer-free immersion, thanks to its performance-enhancing optimizations. 

Graphic demonstrating speed and security

Speed meets security with Wireguard

FastVPN’s commitment to excellence shines with its Wireguard protocol, which marries speed with security, offering you a seamless online experience. WireGuard utilizes advanced cryptography and network coding to establish ultra-secure links instantly. 

So whether you’re uploading a work presentation or playing multiplayer games, frustration will become a thing of the past. Documents transfer immediately, downloads blaze ahead, and your ping stays impressively low even on crowded networks.

FastVPN security protocols allow you to enjoy digital privacy without performance penalties or tradeoffs. 

Split tunneling: The best of both worlds

Juggling multiple activities online requires flexible tools. That’s why FastVPN provides split tunneling to help you multitask more easily.

Imagine managing online banking while streaming a Taylor Swift concert in Argentina. Split tunneling makes this possible by providing a secure VPN connection for sensitive tasks while staying connected to local services. 

This game-changing feature lets you cherry-pick which apps enter your encrypted network while accessing your local standard connection. For example, secure banking and shopping transactions go through FastVPN while software updates flow unimpeded.

You can also eliminate the tradeoff headaches of working and gaming simultaneously across global and local spheres.

Download and upload with security

Torrenting with peace of mind

Torrenting carries uncertainty, given the decentralized and unregulated nature of peer-to-peer sharing. Copyright clashes are common, while fears loom around invasive tracking.

Choosing the right VPN is crucial for stress and hassle-free torrenting. FastVPN provides watertight protection to download torrents safely across all our high-speed servers.

Our network utilizes enterprise-grade AES 256-bit encryption implemented using robust OpenVPN, WireGuard, and other protocols. This translates to an impenetrable shield guarding your traffic end-to-end so ISPs or outsiders can never decipher what files you share or download.

Covering all bases 

FastVPN routes data transfers through our global network of optimized servers and can handle high loads. No more sluggish P2P exchanges – download movies, music, games, and more at fast-lane speeds.

We also support key features like Kill Switch and DNS leak prevention. And you can rest easy knowing FastVPN upholds a strict “no-logs” policy for all usage. No timestamps, traffic data, or monitoring means your activity stays invisible.

Whether exchanging sensitive documents or binge-watching the latest shows, you can turn to FastVPN for a low-cost VPN plan. Our trusted technology and user-friendly policies empower carefree file sharing from the get-go.

Protected wi-fi

Unlimited connections, unlimited possibilities

With support for unlimited devices, FastVPN understands that your digital life isn’t confined to one screen, from browsing on public Wi-Fi to protecting your smartphone during online shopping.

Downloading a VPN can help you enjoy security on multiple devices, ensuring that your online activities remain under one shield no matter where you log in. 

Protecting your Internet freedom 

FastVPN will continue evolving as the digital landscape shifts, with our sights set on expanding servers, boosting speeds, and deploying next-generation encryption. 

Today’s first step is downloading FastVPN and securing a safer path to a free and open Internet in a troubling world. Together, we will continue championing your Internet freedom now and long into the future.

FastVPN is a budget-friendly app that can help protect your Internet freedom, offering plans for less than $1/mo.

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