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Why Customer Service is Our Priority

Managing a website can seem like a tricky business. Whatever its size, services, or security-level you need to trust your provider, and know that help is a click away if you ever need it.

Our founding ethos was to simplify website publishing so anyone could do it, making it affordable and accessible. A huge part of this was a Customer Service team we are proud of. This has never changed, and recently, we became first online merchant ever to collect over one million verified customer ratings and reviews on Shopper Approved (the fastest growing customer review company in America, according to Inc. Magazine).

Not only have we surpassed the one million ratings and reviews milestone, we have an impressive 4.6 (out of 5) Star Overall Satisfaction Rating (indicating that 92% of our customers are considered “very happy” with the products and services they receive).

Customer Support

Customer support has always been at the core of Namecheap because we know that customers are happiest when they feel supported.

This ethos goes right to the top of our company. When we first started, our CEO dealt first hand with customer support, and still continues to respond directly to customers on Twitter today. Customer Support was also the first team that was created, underlining how important it is to us.

What We Believe

We believe it’s your right as a customer to receive quick, easy, and friendly advice whatever the problem, and whenever it happens. Simply put, our customers are our biggest priority.

Hedgehog doing customer support with lots of coffee

For this reason, we provide several 24-hour channels of communication that you can use to quickly get in touch with our Customer Support team.

What Our Customers Say

We know that when it comes to something as important as customer service, it’s easier to trust the experiences and opinions of other shoppers.

Record Breaking ‘Shopper Approved’ Rating

We were delighted to be the first company ever to surpass one million Shopper Approved customer ratings. We’re proud to share our testimonials and Shopper Approved scores an testimonials with you.


Our customers have lots of great things to say about Namecheap. Here are just a few of our recent testimonials:

‘I have hosting experience since 2000 or so. Namecheap is the best ever for all my webmastering needs.’

David, Hosting Customer

‘I have been using Namecheap since I discovered how to work on the Internet independently and I have not been disappointed as a novice. Answers and solutions are on point. You guys have basically helped me do the technical works behind the scenes and there is no better service than a listening ear and a helping hand.’

Nkeze, Domains Customer

‘Never had trouble registering, fast website, and great support! Thank you!’

Aleksandar, Hosting Customer

‘All companies in the world combined; Namecheap has the best support team on the planet.’

–  Dim, Hosting Customer

‘The couple of times that I’ve had to contact support, I’ve always had pleasant, knowledgeable people, and they have always answered quickly… It’s fantastic!’

Mathew, Domains Customer

Ways to Get in Touch

There are several ways you can reach out to us if you have any questions, or need help with our products.

Live Chat

Tackle your problems—big and small—quickly and effectively with our 24 hour Customer Support team, who will find solutions for you in no time. Get questions answered conveniently, no matter what time of the day it is, or where you are.

Read what our customers have to say!


No time to chat? That’s okay – drop us a quick email, and we’ll get back to you within just two hours in most cases! That’s faster service than most companies offer, and we pride ourselves on keeping it that way.

Social Media

You can also drop our Social Media team messages on our Twitter or Facebook accounts which are also open, and carefully monitored, 24/7. Additionally, we’d love to hear from you on social media if you just want to share something interesting with us.

Learning & Discovery

You can learn with Namecheap. Whether you need more information about our products, best practice guides, or just some industry opinion pieces—we’ve got you covered!

hedgehog support representative holding pile of books

The Namecheap Knowledgebase

We want to empower you to find the information needed to make you or your business successful online. Our extensive Knowledgebase offers how-to guides for all of Namecheap’s services. Everything from finding solutions to common problems, to setting up complex services and features is covered!

Some great Knowledgebase articles:

The Namecheap Guru Guides

Our Guru Guides are the perfect place to learn more about website best practices, find out how to implement new ideas in business, and much more. It is a comprehensive selection of guides that have been tailored to address the specific circumstances and needs of our customers.

Our Guru Guides are the newest addition to our educational toolbox, with useful articles on everything from how to grow your business, to improving your site SEO.

Some great Guru Guides articles include:

The Namecheap Blog

Our blog is full of interesting industry and company news, including campaign activities we participate in (like supporting Net Neutrality). It also contains details of current promotions, competitions, opinion pieces, customer stories, and business tips.

Some great blog articles:

Fun Facts about Our Customer Support Team

As we mentioned, we have a dedicated Customer Support team we are proud of. They are always on hand to help you out, day or night, and you might be surprised by some of the stats this creates:

In a day . . .

  • Our Customer Support Team process tickets (email inquiries) we receive in an average time of under two hours.
  • Most people prefer to chat with our team live, and we provide around 370 solutions an hour via chat!

In a Month . . .

  • Over a single month, in total, our teams spend 64,640 hours helping our customers.
  • That’s four journeys to Mars worth of customer help!
Some of our great Customer Service Team members!

What drives us?

‘I like to help our customers to find solutions. Sometimes an issue is really simple, but the gratitude and appreciation from the customer is immense. My other inspiration is to learn something new every day, to find new information and workarounds, to challenge myself and share this knowledge with customers’.

Olga M, Hosting Specialist

So, Leave it to our Team!

We have more than 18 years of industry experience, 520 real team members (with absolutely no chatbots), and a workforce spanning the world. That makes our Customer Service team truly global!  Contact us any time, any day!

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