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What is a .AI domain & why is it so popular?

When you hear the term ‘AI’, the first thing that springs to mind is probably robots, smart speakers and ‘artificial intelligence’. 

That’s why, when it comes to choosing a domain name for a brand new website, a .ai domain might just be the perfect choice if you working in or interested in tech or science.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a domain aficionado or someone that doesn’t even know the domain definition, this article will help you decide if the .ai is the right choice for you. 

What Does .AI Mean And What Country Uses It? 

Looking to carve out a tasty slice of internet pie? First, let’s get to grips with what a ‘top-level domain’ means before we learn more about .ai domains. 

Cast your eyes to the browser bar and you’ll see a ‘.com’. This is the TLD type that Namecheap uses. The second-level domain (SLD) can be found to the left of the dot, so in our case, this is ‘Namecheap’. 

There are two types of top-level domains, generic top-level domains (gTLDs) and country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs). Where gTLDs can help to support the overall message of the SLD, like a .biz for a start-up, or a .bike for a bicycle shop, ccTLDs are intended for a specific country or location. 

AI domain on a Caribbean island

Surprisingly, .ai is a country code level domain and wasn’t specifically created with artificial intelligence in mind. So, what country are .ai domains from? This particular country extension is in use by those who live in Anguilla, in the Caribbean — in other words, the government of Anguilla owns this TLD! 

Even though the .ai domain is officially a ccTLD, it is now used just like a gTLD, for technology and IT companies across the world. It also has a reputation for being used by artificial intelligence companies. 

The versatile .ai can also be used as a ‘domain hack’. This is where you can join the second-level domain together with the top-level domain ending to create a word or phrase. 

Imagine that you sell everything related to bonsais — wouldn’t you love to have the web domain location bons.ai? Your visitors will instantly know that the website looks into the cultivation of tiny trees!

At Namecheap, we offer many exciting gTLDs and ccTLDs that you’re sure to love. Discover all the latest top-level domains when you check out our TLD list.

Who Uses .AI Domains And Are They Expensive?

Despite .ai’s ccTLD roots, the domain is often used by businesses working in AI as it’s widely accepted that  .ai domains stand for ‘artificial intelligence’. 

Machine learning is an exciting part of the tech industry, so whichever part of it your organization works in, from driverless cars to text recognition, .ai is a valuable domain to secure.

Struggling to know when to use a .ai? Although it’s usually used for artificial intelligence, this domain ending is ideal for performing those domain hacks we talked about. If you’re not into bonsai, maybe ch.ai is more your cup of tea? 

Next, moving onto the question, ‘are .ai domains expensive?’. If you’ve read our handy article on how much is a domain name you’ll already know the answer to this.

In summary, when it comes to picking a domain, its value is based on how in-demand it is. 

If you come across an expensive TLD, take a pause and consider ‘is the extension worth the money?’ Can I afford the domain name price? Is there someone else out there who can have the same idea, and may want to buy it?

Is the answer to the above questions a resounding ‘yes’? If so, your usage for the domain extension .ai seems perfectly valid and you should consider registering one today!

AI gadget plugged into computer

The rise in .ai domain popularity can be attributed to the number of different benefits offered by the TLD.

One of the reasons it may be so popular is that it’s associated with forward-thinking technology like robots and deep learning. When someone reads .ai in a web address, they’ll figure that your domain is used for artificial intelligence work. 

Just like .inc or .biz domains show website visitors you mean business, and a .clothing establishes a keen interest in fashion — this .ai shows a strong commitment to artificial intelligence. 

If you’re already thinking about registering any domain for personal or professional reasons, remember to ask yourself ’How many domains are there that truly speak to me?’. If it’s in high demand, bear in mind it could be snapped up by someone else. 

Interested to learn about businesses with .ai domain names? Here’s a list of organizations that have recognized the value of this popular domain:

  • deeplearning.ai
  • autonomous.ai 
  • uber.ai
  • facebook.ai

Want to use it? Register your .ai domain today!

Understanding .AI vs .IO Domain Extensions

While .ai and .io domain names are both related to the tech world, they do differ. Let’s delve more into .ai vs .io TLD now.

Tech companies commonly use .io domains due to the common usage of the term ‘I/O’ or ‘IO’ when talking about input/output, whereas .ai is often used by artificial intelligence organizations, which is a more focussed type of technology.

If you’re not in the tech business, then the benefit of the domains is that both are only two-letters long, making them short and memorable, and useful for domain hacks like portfol.io for photographers, or kor.ai for curry fans. 

Are .AI Domains Safe?

Whenever a person or business wants to register a domain, there are rules and restrictions in place to ensure that the registrant is authentic and trustworthy. This helps keep visitors to TLDs like the .ai domain safe and sound.

The registry requirement for .ai domains is that the registration and renewal period must be for at least 2 years — but can also be secured for 4, 6, 8, or 10 years.

When it comes to looking after your own safety, it’s important to know where your data can be seen. On registering a new domain, contact information such as your name, address, and phone number is required, and publically displayed on the Whois database, which means that anyone can find your information. 

If you register your domain with Namecheap, we offer free domain privacy domain privacy protection for life. Our service keeps your data hidden and will protect it from any potential fraudsters. We also offer the use of premium DNS servers that provide you with 100% uptime and further security for your data for less than $5 a year. 

Hopefully, this blog post has shed some light on the .ai domain in all its glory! 

If you like the sound of our services then why not register your .ai domain today? 

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