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Web Genius Sale Begins Tomorrow!

Starting March 12th, enjoy huge savings of up to 80% on products specially selected for Internet innovators, and up to 91% on TLDs. We’ve gone through our catalog of products, handpicked the ones most useful to businesses, and grouped them depending on what business size they’re most relevant to. These bundles will take your site to a new level, or could inspire a new website all together.

We have also picked out six top domains, including the newly released .dev—loved by web developers everywhere—and taken off up to 91% off them. Search for a .dev, .com, .online, .tech, .io, or .org domain to save.

Namecheap All-Star Web Award

As if that’s not enough, we’re giving you the chance to win $500 of Namecheap credit (which you can spend on your website). You’ll also get a top spot for your business or website in our blog, on social, and in our newsletter—which hits over 1.5 million customers.

To enter, all you have to do is tell us about an exciting web-based project you’ve been involved in, and what made it special. Fill out our survey to enter—it’s as easy as that!

The Offers

It wouldn’t be a Namecheap sale unless there were a lot of deals—this one is no exception. The categories are designed to help you, but feel free to mix and match. To claim offers, go to our special sale page.

The Domains

Want to save big on domain names? Here’s your chance. Check out these deals!

  • .dev – $10.88 instead of $14.98 – Save 27%
  • .com$8.18 instead of $10.98 – Save 25%
  • .online – $2.88 instead of $32.88 – Save 91%
  • .io – $25.68 instead of $32.88 – Save 22%
  • .tech – $4.88 instead of $45.88 – Save 89%
  • .org – $10.38 instead of $12.98 – Save 20%

Small or Medium Businesses

Get ready to save with products perfect for small-medium businesses:

  • Stellar shared hosting – $15.44 instead of $30.88 – Save 50%
  • Private Email Business Plan – $13.88 instead of $28.88 – Save 52%
  • VPN (3 Year Plan) – $1.88/mo instead of $5.88/mo – Save 68%
  • EssentialSSL Wildcard $70.88 instead of $99.90 – Save 29%

Larger Businesses

If you have a large website, these products should be perfect for you—including an epic 25% saving on VPS Pulsar Hosting.

  • VPS Pulsar Hosting (monthly) – $14.88/mo instead of $19.88.mo – Save 25%
  • Stellar Plus shared hosting – $26.44 instead of $52.88 – Save 50%
  • Private Email Business Plan – $13.88 instead of $28.88 – Save 52%
  • EV SSL – $75.88 instead of $145 – Save 48%

WordPress Websites & Blogs

WordPress products are perfect for individuals or businesses who want to benefit from an easy-to-use website platform.

  • EasyWP Starter – $14.94 instead of $29.88 – Save 50%
  • EasyWP Turbo – $44.88 instead of $68.88 – Save 35%
  • EasyWP Supersonic – $19.88 instead of $98.88 – Save 80%

We’re also offering a great deal on PositiveSSL. It’s $6.88 instead of $8.88 – Save 23%.

Need a Helping Hand to Build Your Website?

Whether you use the products featured in our Web Genius Sale to start a new site or to improve your existing site, changes mean assessing what works and what doesn’t, and planning for the future. We’ve put together a handy selection of articles from the Namecheap Blog we think will help you.

Gutenberg: The New WordPress

Is your website powered by WordPress? Then you need to catch up on the changes brought by Gutenberg, the latest version of this popular software running over 30% of the web. We spoke to developers about their thoughts and opinions of this new launch, to give you insight from those in the know. Learn from the experts.

The Foolproof Way to Price Your Business

Entering a new marketplace can be tricky. You need to pitch your business just right to earn your demographic. Price yourself too high, and you’ll alienate people, too low, and you’ll undervalue what you do. Get it right the first time with our handy guide. Whether you’re a solopreneur or Internet mogul, this is food for thought. Price me up.

The Art of Finding Your Customers

Back in 2018, we interviewed four professionals who use websites to promote their services. We wanted to learn their techniques and secrets. Everything from how they found their gap in the market, to how they targeted customers to make their business a success is covered in this handy set of interviews. Refine your art.

Why Being a Night Owl Isn’t a Bad Thing

Perhaps your business is a side-project and you work in the day. Maybe you simply prefer to work without distraction by the light of the moon. Being a nightowl can have it’s virtues, but also it’s foibles. Use our guide to avoid the pitfalls, and make your working hours work for you. Take flight at night.

Plenty More Where This Came From

Our Web Genius Sale is on until March 18, with our All Star Web Award competition running through March 21. As always though, there’s plenty more on our promos page.

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