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Using A Website for Vlogging Success

From YouTube to Vimeo, vlogging can be both entertaining and profitable. 

But what exactly is a “vlog?” 

Short for “video blog” or a “blog in video form,” vlogs are either videos recorded in one take or cut down into multiple parts. A vlog can turn an everyday topic into an engaging one.

Whether you’re a newbie or an established vlogger, getting the word out about your vlog can easily be done by setting up your own website (we recommend WordPress with managed hosting, which powers over 35% of the Internet). 

Why? If you’re already producing awesome content, why not create a website that houses all this content? The reality is, once you create a website to supplement your vlog content, you’re setting yourself up to get even more views, clicks, and money. Now we’re talking!

Here we’ll take you through just a few of the reasons why a WordPress website helps to increase your vlogging success. 

Chicken doing makeup tutorial online

You’ll Get Found Easier via SEO

Did you know websites that have embedded YouTube videos rank way higher, SEO-wise?

Not only is your website more likely to be found through YouTube searches, but you’re also more likely to be found through Google searches. Video content is also way easier to optimize than written content (here’s a handy article on how this all works). 

Let’s say, for example, you’re an aspiring makeup artist who created a super popular YouTube video tutorial on how to do a proper smoky eye. If you have a WordPress website where this vlog content is kept, adding a step-by-step written tutorial to go along with this video will do wonders for your SEO. Video transcripts are indexed by Google, which means they’re necessary to rank higher in search engine results. In fact, 88% of videos in Google’s Top 10 blended searches are from YouTube

When you consider including written content with your video content, your followers can refer back to your website so your content becomes even more memorable (and yes, shareable!). With one click of your website’s URL, you have the ability to reach brand-new audiences. 

You’ll Engage More (& Sell More)

Keep in mind that vlogging shouldn’t be overly sales-y. It should feel natural, as if you’re speaking to a trusted friend about a certain product, service or way of doing something. Your expertise, knowledge, and value are actually what sells. 

Want to learn how to vlog? Fabrik Brands does an excellent job of explaining the basics. And, if your intended audience skews younger, you’re in luck. Research shows that younger audiences prefer vlog content over any other. In order to figure out if you should be blogging, vlogging or podcasting, feel free to check out my previous blog on this very topic

A website also gives you the unique opportunity to engage with your new and/or loyal followers by having them sign up for an email list so you can get in touch (ahem, market to) them directly. You could also think about having a page on your website that’s dedicated to brand deals, testimonials or even e-commerce merchandise. 

Video content also increases your website’s “stickiness,” i.e. the time your audience spends on a page. Not only are videos considered to be a valuable factor for Google ranking, people spend nearly three times as much time on pages with video than those without

In essence, a website offers you plenty of engagement opportunities that are harder to come by on YouTube alone. 

You’ll Advertise Your YouTube Channel

The ultimate goal of any vlogger on YouTube is having subscribers. And lots of them. 

Want even more? Set up your website. This gives you another avenue to bring in those extra YouTube subscribers/viewers and promote your YouTube channel. You can also add YouTube QR codes to offline marketing material.

Remember that your subscribers are more than just individuals who happen to watch your videos once. They are people who are so amped up about your content that they want to see more. And they’ll expect that you’ll give them something just as great again and again. Like every form of content marketing, your videos need to give your subscribers something of value, whether that’s informative, educational, or entertaining.

The key is to make it easy for website visitors to direct themselves to relevant videos. Plugins like WP Sticky allow you to make anything– headers, menus, navigation, and videos–sticky on your WordPress site in seconds. That way, even scroll-loving users notice the best video content from your blog.

And, if you’re wondering how to make money on YouTube, your subscribers and views are what most media outlets and brands are looking for if they ask you to partner up. 

Need another reason to get a website? Let’s say, hypothetically-speaking, that YouTube removes one or all of your videos from their official channel. How will your followers be able to find you? If you have a website already set up with either a link to your YouTube channel or to embedded videos, your followers can rest easy so that they can still watch your content. 

To learn how to make your own YouTube channel, the folks on Learning Hub cover the topic nicely. A helpful tip? Make sure your subscribe button is always visible. 

YouTube website connected to WordPress site

You’ll Gain More Trust

You might be wondering, “I’m already a successful YouTube vlogger. Do I really need to have a website, too?” 

The answer is a resounding yes. 

Although vlogging offers a human element to your particular passion or hobby (meaning, your followers can see that you’re just like them), this trust they have in you only goes so far. Once you get to a certain level of vlogging success, it often becomes harder for your audience to relate to you on a personal level.

This is where a web presence, aka a website, comes into play. Studies show that people and/or brands who have legitimate websites are seen as more trustworthy. A legitimate website signals to followers (a.k.a. potential customers) that you’re someone to be trusted.

With a website, you’re also able to produce and publish more long-form content, deep-diving into topics that just aren’t possible to do on shorter YouTube videos. Thank goodness for WordPress. 

Find Vlogging Success with EasyWP

Think WordPress is just for blogs? Think again

Although vlogs require a lot of technical and production know-how, a WordPress website is super straightforward when you use Managed WordPress Hosting. That’s why we recommend EasyWP, Namecheap’s Managed WordPress Hosting provider, which gets your website up and running in no time. Here there’s no need for complicated installations; EasyWP does all the technical lifting for you.

Because EasyWP was built on Namecheap’s powerful cloud platform, it’s self-contained and won’t slow you down. What’s more, EasyWP is up to 3X faster than premium Managed WordPress Hosting providers and starts at just $1/month. Fast and affordable — what’s not to like? 

Now’s the time to jump on the WordPress bandwagon and start making the most out of your vlog with the help of EasyWP. 

Want more vlogging tips and tricks? Namecheap’s James Long gives the full rundown. Oh, and don’t forget to brush up on the ins and outs of how a WordPress website can help grow your business

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