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Get Safe, Super-fast VPN from Namecheap

The results of our Internet security survey are in, providing us with some very useful information that we’d like to share with you.

Over a third of the Internet users who responded to our survey told us they’ve directly experienced an online security issue within the past 6 months, or know somebody who has. Further, 76% percent of respondents agreed that it’s difficult to ensure their own online security, with nearly 90% admitting that they didn’t feel completely secure online overall.

Results like this suggest that, while most Internet users know there are threats to their data online, they may not know what they are or how to effectively reduce them. Luckily, Namecheap is dedicated to data safety and privacy protection for everyone, and we’ve now got the VPN to prove it.

Why VPN?

Good security on any domain needs a layered IA defense system that can minimize data breaches (often known as a “defense in depth” strategy). A VPN or Virtual Private Network is one effective way to create a layered network defense system of your own. In fact, 76% of our survey respondents agreed that using a VPN is crucial to getting online safely. We agree, and here’s why:

  • Anti-virus software isn’t enough – If you’re on an unsecured network (such as a public WiFi hotspot), hackers, using easily obtainable tools, can still swipe your passwords, compromise your accounts, and install malware. A VPN encrypts your network traffic, and hackers can’t attack what they can’t see.
  • DNS leaks – When you visit a website, your browser looks up the address through a process called Domain Resolution. This process relies on a Domain Name System (DNS). Your data is logged in the DNS, and can be leaked along with your browsing behavior in an unsecured system, even if you’re browsing anonymously. VPNs that support DNS Leak Protection (like Namecheap’s) help shore up these weak points in the system, protecting your data from “leaky” DNS.  
  • Government Security and Espionage Agencies – Our survey respondents listed government and intelligence agencies (and the potential espionage therein) as the number one threat to their data, ahead of organized crime and independent hacker groups.
    In fact, recent events have revealed major interference by government agencies worldwide. They have been shown to be constantly acquiring personal data on citizens with little or no oversight, nor have there been any substantial repercussions for this invasion of privacy. You can fight this disturbing trend simply by encrypting your connection with a VPN.

Does Namecheap Restrict VPNs?

Nope, but we understand why it might appear that way.

Namecheap has a long tradition of supporting web privacy and online freedom, and a strong VPN is a key part of securely and freely accessing the Internet. There are no restrictions on using VPN/proxy for logins, signup, or payments.

However, Namecheap does have a security measure that can be mistakenly classified as a VPN restriction. We use an automated IP banning system designed to prevent malicious attackers seeking to compromise customer accounts. Hackers typically employ a brute force attack using automated scripts with the goal of guessing and/or matching login credentials. These invalid login attempts are what trigger our security system; after five invalid attempts to log into a nonexistent Namecheap account from the same IP address, that IP is automatically banned.

If an attacker uses a publicly available proxy (or a free or cheap VPN provider), over time, an entire subnet may become restricted through successive attacks. When a legitimate customer connects to an IP blocked by these malicious attackers, their login will fail. A blocked IP can be unbanned by contacting our friendly Customer Support team.

Secure Your Connection with Our VPN Service

Namecheap is happy to offer our very own VPN. Benefit from military-grade network encryption with no DNS leaks.

You’ll also get an anonymous IP (generated by our service), a super-fast connection, your choice of more than 40 countries from which to connect, including Switzerland, Iceland, Malaysia, India, the US, more.

Get FastVPN service now. Prices start from just $2.88 a month. Secure your connection with FastVPN today.

Check Out Our User Survey

Want to read more about what our customers had to say about security concerns? Here’s a visual look at the key highlights (click to enlarge).

customer security survey infographic

To learn more about why you might want to sign up for Namecheap’s FastVPN service, check out the review of our product from Joy of Android.

And then we’re sure you’ll be ready to sign up for your own VPN!

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