Namecheap’s Unbelievable Black Friday Sale


They’re baaaaaaack! Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals make another rare appearance.

Get ready for Black Friday on Nov. 25th

On the fabled “busiest shopping day of the year” Namecheap will offer domain registration, shared hosting, email hosting, and SSLs at discounts up to 98% off our already fantastic prices. 

Have you been thinking about the best time to build your blog or launch your website? With our range of incredible deals, you can get your site up and running for under $3. Believe it!

With prices this low, you won’t have an excuse to put off that website any longer!

Deals start at Midnight EST (5:00 AM GMT) on Friday morning.

Need a little extra push?

No problem. Namecheap not only has the best products at the best prices, but we can also help guide you through all the steps to build your online presence.

Keep an eye on our blog for tips on choosing the best domain name and how you can assemble the right Namecheap products to build your perfect, personalized website.

Imagine your ideal domain name, and how you might want your site to look. Then visit on Black Friday to snatch up your full package for an unbeatable price. Dream big!

Can’t make it on Friday?

That’s okay, we’ll be doing it all over again on Cyber Monday, Nov. 28th!

But these crazy low prices only last two days a year, and many are in limited supply. So get here early and act fast to grab your deals before they’re gone!

Bookmark our special Black Friday/Cyber Monday page and mark your calendar. You won’t want to miss this sale!

139 thoughts on “Namecheap’s Unbelievable Black Friday Sale”

      1. I jumped on a Cyber Monday hosting plan last year, and it wasn’t worth the bother.

        I had been told by a CSR that the plan would renew at the same discounted price every year. It didn’t, and all I am getting now is “Too bad, the CSR was wrong”.

        Many of your limited quantity deals didn’t sell out last year. Apparently, many knew that they weren’t very valuable after all.

        1. I am very sorry to hear that you were misinformed. We do explain in the conditions that these deals are for one year only and renewals are at the regular rate. I hope you will give Namecheap another chance, because even at regular rates, our hosting and other products are still very good deals.

        1. Not at all! Many of our customers do not yet have email hosting, SSLs or website hosting, or may wish to register additional domains. This will be a great time to purchase these products!

    1. So, Does it mean that there are going to be 24 totally unique and different Offers on Black friday?(i.e 1 unique offer per hour per 24 hrs of the day?)

      1. Sad to say that it has been almost impossible to get in on these deals because of the severe limitations. I’ve timed them down and gone in to buy immediately, and still been shut out…over and over again. I love Namecheap…and will remain a customer due to the excellent level of service — but this promotion is frustrating.

  1. Good. Will you have special promotion for domain transfers these days too? Just some reduced price, not an hourly superdeal that it’s quite hard to take profit of. It’d be good to get some discount and transfer some domains to you

      1. I got a mail about namecheap black friday deals. I’ll like to know if the Ultimate Hosting plan will be available on sale so I can make out time to partake on Friday. Thanks.

    1. Hi Christy, that’s fantastic! Be sure to keep an eye here on the blog for ongoing tips on registering domains, building your website and more!

  2. If I have an account (domain and private email hosting) but I am looking to purchase NEW domains, this sale will apply, correct?

  3. What time will your black Friday start meaning after Thurs midnight 12.01am till Saturday 12.01am?

    Are you in USA timezone?

    I based in GMT (U.K.)


    1. There are a number of different SSL products scheduled over Black Friday. Keep checking to see if one you like is available!

  4. Will Domain Transfers make it in the upcoming marketing campaign? First time customers may find it appealing and engaging to move to NameCheap if domain transfers are part of your sale. Even if it’s not a drastic discount, any discount on this specific subject may yield positive results.

    1. We appreciate your feedback, George. However, we are offering new domain registrations. If you wish to transfer your domain, perhaps we will be able to tempt you with super cheap hosting and SSLs?

  5. If I want to buy 5 domains for 5 years duration is it possible? please inform me total cost if I take (. com) from Black Friday 25th Dec,2016.

    1. Hi Les, these are deals for new domain registrations only. However, if you’re transferring over, you might consider our hosting, email and SSL plans!

    1. So sorry to hear this. Keep in mind we’ll also have great deals on hosting, email, and SSLs so maybe you’ll want to check back and purchase one of those as well!

  6. If this year’s BLACK FRIDAY promo is for new customers/orders only, what BLACK FRIDAY promo do you have for loyal customers that will like to renew their domains/hosting? We deserve some promo too!

    1. I understand. This promo is for new products but existing customers can take advantage of our deals to register additional domains, get hosting for websites or email, or add an SSL to their existing site.

  7. I want to take advantage this promotion and register multiple domains as well as webhosting and SSL certificates. Will I have discount on all?

  8. Do the deals start at midnight, or some other time? What time zone?

    Also, will the deals start out at their best, or is it possible that I might buy something early in the day and the same item is cheaper later in the day?

    1. The deals start at Midnight EST. Each deal is different and whether one is better than another will depend on your individual needs. I will say, they’re all pretty good. ;)

    1. Hi Malin,

      There will be a mix of many different TLDs, including .com, .org, .net but also some of the more popular alternative TLDs. If you don’t see one you like, check back for a new deal!

  9. Hi. Will there be deals on transferring domains as well? I currently use another company, but would like to do business with your company.

    1. Our domain registration deals are for new domains. However, if you’d like to become part of the Namecheap family you might consider our email hosting, SSLs or shared hosting deals.

    1. Our deals are all for new products. Renewals are regular price. If you already have a domain with us, you might consider adding hosting or an SSL to your site using one of our deals.

  10. I am very excited because last year i bough 5 domains and 1 hosting and i m very happy and satisfied with it. Looking to buy more on this BF.

  11. Now Jackie, don’t be offended but – are you a chatbot?? The answers are all very solid and similar you see. just thought I’d ask.
    I’m coming back to get a hosting plan, if possible a reseller plan .
    Whatcha got going on for that on Friday/Monday = or will all deals solely be for shared hosting?
    As in – no VPS discounts or dedicated server discouynts? I’d be VERY interested in a discounted VPS/dedicatedserver program over a shared hosting program….

    1. Hi Irishblake,

      You know, that’s pretty funny. No one has ever accused me of being a chatbot before. :) I’m just constrained from giving too many details before the deals are announced, as the anticipation is part of the whole promotion. I hope you understand and check back on Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

  12. I love namecheap I do and have been with them since I started buying my own domains, but the Black Friday deals can be so darn frustrating. Even if you are sitting right on it you still get bogged down and locked out of the deal because of the site loading pages to slow and so on. I really feel they should start running some specials for loyal long term customers. Yes new products are great and all but you should really think about being thankful to long term base customers too.

    1. Hi Ambrosia. Thanks for your feedback. We certainly are thankful for our long-term customers, who make all of what we do possible. One way we quietly show our appreciation is by providing affordable domains, hosting and SSLs year-round with top-notch support available for all of our customers.

      We know you have many other options, so we thank you and all of our customers for continuing to choose Namecheap. We hope you have a great holiday. :)

  13. Hey Jackie,

    I bought 2 hosting packages last Black Friday, but I didn’t have the time to try them at all. I never set a domain, uploaded single file or anything. Basically, I didn’t use any resources on these shared packages.
    I certainly won’t renew at regular price. It’s too costly to just try things out.
    But I was thinking, would it be possible to somehow forget that I bought it last year and instead count like I bought it today? I know it sounds like I am asking to extend hosting for another year for free, which I do, but taking into account that I would just start using the service today, it’s not too illogical I hope? I also bought 20 domains from you and didn’t use any :(

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Yes, we’ve had a few technical issues. We have a team working behind the scenes to fix these problems as fast as they can.

    1. There are a number of different TLDs offered throughout the day, but with the hundreds available, we can’t include them all. Keep checking back to see if we offer any of the TLDs you’re looking for.

  14. Only shared hosting value that arises from earlier, when it’s time shared hosting Professional, Ultimate, or Business SSD, very disappointed if everything does not appear :)

      1. in Indonesia are already on November 26, at 1:30 am, everyone had gone to bed, it would not hold eye, time to sleep. hopefully when I wake there was a chance and wait for cyber monday :( :(

        1. Black Friday runs for 24 hours on Friday and we’ll do it again on Cyber Monday. Each day there are deals around the clock, so all time zones can benefit!

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