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A Staggering 200,000 Free .me Domains Given – and Counting!

If you haven’t already heard, Namecheap for Education is an incredible way for students to get an online presence.

Since we launched the program in 2014, we have helped more than 200,000 students kickstart their online presence with a free domain—and the initiative is still going strong!

Our student bundle gives you a .me domain, plus your choice of either Github Pages or Exposure, where you can create and host your site.  

We run Namecheap for Education because we know that perhaps the freshest and most innovative ideas come from students. We wanted to give everyone—especially young students—the means to create a site, with the option of a low-cost online portfolio or website. From this, they can create anything—be it a blog to unleash their writing skills, or the next social media platform—the sky’s the limit!

Claim your free .me domain in three easy steps

All you need is a .edu email address (or an email address from a selection of other Universities in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia), and you can claim your free .me domain and starter bundle with your choice of GitHub Pages or Exposure.

  1. Go to nc.me
  2. Type your desired .me URL into the search bar
  3. Choose from GitHub Pages or Exposure (see below to decide which is for you)
  4. Enter your .edu email and process the transaction.

That’s it—you have a free domain name and website on us! And this offer is not just limited to students—it’s also open to all university faculty and staff members, as long as you have a .edu email address.

Which should I choose—GitHub Pages or Exposure?

GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages is a great way for more technical users to generate a site for their project.

  • Hosted directly from your GitHub repository
  • Easy setup
  • ‘Jekyll’ allows you to blog with markdown syntax.

Learn more about GitHub Pages


Exposure allows anyone to quickly and effectively create a photo-sharing site.

  • Photo sharing platform
  • Unlimited media
  • Easy text formatting.

Learn more about Exposure

Other education projects

When it comes to education, it’s not only our free .me offer in the mix. We have several continuous projects and partnerships with companies in the education sector. We firmly believe that investing in young talent will pay dividends later, with more innovative professionals joining our industry.

Owl graduating with the power of nc.me resources

New York on Tech

Namecheap partnered with New York on Tech back in 2017 to create a ‘Succeeding in the Economy’ networking event for young people. Guest speakers included our very own Chief Operating Officer, Hillan Klein, alongside other industry professionals.

MedHacks 2018

Last year, we sponsored our very own Namecheap Innovation Award at MedHacks 2018. MedHacks is a yearly hackathon organized by Johns Hopkins University students who partner talented young coders and computer science majors with medical students and healthcare professionals to create innovative new technology solutions for various health-related issues. Last year’s competition for Namecheap’s award, featured some great entries! Find out our top five apps, and the winner in our blog.

Our Guru Guides

Whatever your level of web expertise, you can create with Namecheap! Our Guru Guides have articles covering everything you’ll need to know when setting up your site. Here are some articles we thought you might find useful:

If you’re struggling with anything else, you can easily get in touch with our friendly Customer Support team 24/7 for help.

Upcoming education events

Our free .me offer isn’t going anywhere. The success we’ve had only makes us more keen to bring similar deals to students. Be on the lookout for more Namecheap University and NC.ME supported workshops, hackathons and other events aimed at helping students and educators share their big ideas with the world.

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