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True TOTP 2FA and U2F Are Coming

Dear customers,
We’ve heard you loud and clear.
Our last implementation of 2FA, using Authy OneTouch matched to our proprietary app, was not well-received by many of you and did not serve you in the way many of you preferred to use 2FA.
While we had good intentions, we took a chance on what we thought was a new way to implement and use 2FA. I can tell by your feedback that we missed the mark.
In the future, we will do a better job of reviewing new technologies and products we are considering rolling out, as well as speak directly to you, our customers so that we can be sure we are bringing you only the solutions you actually want and need.
The above being said, I want to let you know that true TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) implementation is on its way. We will also be implementing U2F (Universal Two-Factor Authentication). Look for TOTP to be rolled out first in the coming weeks and for U2F to follow not too far behind.
We will also make an official announcement once it is fully integrated.
Thanks again for being patient with us throughout this. You have my promise, we’ll get this right and do a better job on what we bring you going forward.
Grateful Yours,
Richard Kirkendall

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Richard Kirkendall

Richard Kirkendall is the CEO of Namecheap. More articles written by Richard.

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