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Top Speed & Security – EasyWP Makes It Free!

From slow loading times to harmful DDoS attacks, no one said it was easy (nor cheap) to run a successful business online.

In an effort to lessen your load (and go easy on your wallet), EasyWP Managed WordPress Hosting now proudly features Supersonic CDN and SSL – for free! 

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Supersonic CDN — What’s Super About It?

Forget waiting those frustrating few seconds for a website to load. 

Supersonic CDN (short for content delivery network) is that cutting-edge tool your website needs to give your users faster access to your website content. 68% faster access, to be exact. 

In other words? Supersonic CDN stores your image and video content closer to where it’s needed, across the world, and delivers it at record speed. From Boston to Bangkok, this uber-fast content delivery system not only applies to your web pages but also HD videos, audio material (think podcasts, games, interactive elements, apps) and more. 

So what’s the catch, you might ask? There is none. If you already host your WordPress website on EasyWP or have a registered Namecheap domain name, you can add the Supersonic CDN feature in less than five minutes.

Now that’s what we call instant gratification.

Want even more details? Check them out here.

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A Free SSL — What’s So Great About It?

Given that EasyWP is a staunch proponent of a free and open Internet for all, it’s no big surprise that Internet security is just as important. 

That’s why EasyWP partnered up with Sectigo, the world’s largest commercial SSL Certificate Authority, to now include a free SSL, called Positive SSL, with their Turbo and Supersonic plans. A giant leap up from EasyWP’s previous SSL offering, free PostiveSSL means businesses and individuals alike can rest easier knowing their websites are protected with air-tight security. 

But the benefits don’t stop there. PositiveSSL is also an incredibly important tool for building online trust with users, securing digital transactions, increasing sales, and boosting SEO rankings.

When your website gets secured with an SSL certificate, which encrypts the connection between your website and your user’s browser, the URL is then prefixed with HTTPS (the extra S stands for secure) instead of HTTP. This gives an immediate cue to the user that the website they’re visiting (aka yours) is one that takes security seriously. 

Free PositiveSSL, in essence, frees you up to focus on other things, like building your business and creating awesome content. Because when your website is safe, your business has what it needs to grow safely in the digital world. 

What’s more, PositiveSSL is super easy to implement on EasyWP websites. All it takes is a few clicks from the EasyWP dashboard and you’re good to go. In most cases, SSL certificates are issued and installed in less than 15 minutes. 

The Takeaways

Not only is EasyWP renowned for being the fastest Managed WordPress Hosting provider around, the inclusion of free Supersonic CDN and free PositiveSSL only add to its low-cost, high-value appeal. 

While an in-house cloud platform keeps performance levels consistently high, factor in a free layer of added security and a tool that delivers super-fast web content and you’re looking at next-level Managed WordPress Hosting, without those next-level costs. 
So, are you ready to protect your website and deliver faster content? Sign up for EasyWP today.

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