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Top Domain Sales of 2020

2020 is in the books! As we do at this time each year, let’s take a look back at the top domain name sales of the previous year.

DNJournal.com compiles a list of public domain names throughout the year. These are only the domains for which the buyer, seller, or marketplace revealed the price publicly. Most of the top sales are never reported.

2020 was a slower year for reported high dollar sales than 2019. DNJournal reported six sales of $1 million or more in 2019 including the record-smasher Voice.com at $30,000,000. 2020 had only one million dollar sale.

But there are still some great sales to report. Here are the top ten sales of 2020 as reported by DNJournal.com.

1. Bullish.com $1,080,000

2020 was a good year to be bullish on the markets, be they for stocks, real estate, or cryptocurrency. So it’s only fitting that Bullish.com led the sales charts for the year. The buyer’s identity isn’t known yet, but the domain name was transferred to a domain name registrar that works exclusively with large brands.

2. Engage.com $803,025 

Domain broker Buckley Media brokered the sale of Engage.com to a business that helps companies communicate with their customers through various channels.

3. NAS.com $720,000 

A buyer in China bought this three-letter domain name. The seller bought the domain name in 2017 for 6.9 bitcoin, which was worth about $50,000 at the time.

4. OA.com €554,000 

The buyer of this domain name hasn’t done anything with it. It might be a domain investor who hopes to sell it for more. 

5. 151.com $415,000 

Three-digit domains are popular among domain investors. Someone in Germany bought this domain and uses it for a gambling site.

6. Ingles.com $400,000 

A company that operates translation sites bought this domain name. The buyer originally forwarded it to SpanishDict.com, but now uses the domain name for a website.

7. BoatsForSale.com $396,769 

It’s not often that you see a three-word domain land on the top sales chart. It’s worth pointing out that some people associated with the buyer were also associated with the seller.

8. Palace.com $306,000

Another expensive domain that hasn’t been developed yet. This domain was originally registered in 1993.

9. Kick.com $276,077 

Kick.com hasn’t been developed either. 

10. Results.com $264,000 

A German startup bought this domain to review business software and apps.

What’s in store for 2021?

The year 2021 has already started with a bang. Domain name investor Rick Schwartz, also known as “The Domain King”, sold GoBet.com for $850,000. There’s a good chance this will be one of the top ten sales of the year when everything is tallied 11 months from now. Unless, of course, it’s a stellar year for domain sales.

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