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Top Domain Sales of 2020 (So Far)

The first half of 2020 is in the books, and I think most people will agree: good riddance! 2020 has been a tough year. 

It’s been a good year for interest in domain names, though. Businesses are moving up their plans to go digital: restaurants are relying on carryout and delivery. Yoga instructors are delivering classes online. If there’s a way to go digital, businesses are adapting.

The domain aftermarket, which is the name for sales of already-registered domain names, has been a mixed story. Companies need a domain to go online but many are keeping a tight handle on their budgets.

Last year at this time, there was already the record-breaking $30 million domain sale of Voice.com. The top public domain sale so far in 2020 would have only been #5 on last year’s list at the midpoint of the year.

But there are still some great sales to report. So here are the top 10 domain sales through the first half of 2020, as collected by DNJournal.

1. OA.com €554,000 

The buyer of this domain name hasn’t done anything with it. It might be a domain investor who hopes to sell it for more. 

2. 151.com $415,000 

Three-digit domains are popular among domain investors. Someone in Germany bought this domain and isn’t doing anything with it yet.

3. Palace.com $306,000 

Another expensive domain that hasn’t been developed yet. This domain was originally registered in 1993.

4. Kick.com $276,077 

Kick.com hasn’t been developed either. 

5. Results.com $264,000 

A German startup bought this domain to review business software and apps.

6. Free.co.uk $205,000 

This United Kingdom country code domain is the first non-.com name on the list. The buyer uses it to promote a home-selling service that doesn’t cost the seller anything.

7. Believe.com $200,915 

Believe Music, a distribution and marketing service for music artists and labels, bought this shorter version of its domain. It forwards it to BelieveMusic.com.

8. (tie) AOA.com $200,000 

Businesses love three letter domain names like this. The domain forwards to aoavip1.com, but that domain doesn’t resolve.

8. (tie) Shop.app $200,000 

The ecommerce company Shopify bought this domain name for a new shopping app.

8. (tie) Profitable.com $200,000

Profitable.com hasn’t been put to use yet, but here’s hoping it’s a profitable venture for the buyer.

How will the aftermarket fare for the rest of 2020? It’s hard to say.

In the meantime, do you have a domain name that might sell for big bucks? Here’s how to sell it

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