The Namecheap Story at a Glance

When Namecheap was launched in 2001, we had a vision to create a company that was truly customer focused, not just another place to register a domain name.

Over 10 years later, this vision has resulted in our loyal customers entrusting us with over 3 million of their domain names. For the trust you have placed in us, we are humbled and honored.

We could not have achieved this milestone without the support of our loyal customers and your continued feedback to help us constantly improve.

To celebrate this milestone, we took a look back at the past and highlighted some interesting facts about Namecheap, and wanted to share them with you with an infographic.

We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy it. If you found it interesting, don’t forget to share it with your friends!


21 thoughts on “The Namecheap Story at a Glance”

  1. Impressive history, great domain services, unbeatable prices. So, you see? – I like you. 93 domains can’t lie :)

  2. Well done namecheap, iv been using you got years and as youv added services iv moved services to you! keep it up!

  3. Great customer service and great rates is truly a winning combination. I’m so glad I chose Namecheap for all my business domains.

  4. I love you guys, I’ll use you guys forever, but PLEASE don’t use the word humble when you mean absolutely the opposite.

  5. namecheap is the right place to search all possibility domain name, and congrats that you already hit 3 million domain, look forward that you hit 10 million domain name!!

  6. Good to see this post.
    By the way, Indonesia is the 3rd biggest visitors, and maybe 3rd biggest customers too.
    What is your contribution to Indonesian internet user? lol

  7. Customer Support is often the main thing that bring you to the top, keep it up! keep your customer support team as good quality as possible! Thank you for the good service for the good money.

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  9. Lots of other folks will probably be took benefit of the creating. Cheers!A lot of thanks for the critical info.

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