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The Erosion of Online Privacy

For many people, the erosion of online privacy rights is like a big hole in the pavement.
The first time we encounter a small pothole in the road, we may have to slow down or swerve to avoid it. Then the next day, we drive down that same road, and the pothole is still there – this time a little bigger. Over time, that little hole can end up becoming a danger to us and others.

The Growing Threat to Internet Privacy

Right now our rights and freedoms on the Internet are slowly being taken away. Our data and information is being siphoned off and used for purposes without our consent. Meanwhile, headlines announce how hackers have gained access to yet another customer database, and another major corporation has bought up a smaller company or app, amassing still more customer data.
As with the pothole, we tell ourselves, “someone else will fix the problem.”
However, a pothole will never get fixed if no one speaks up about it. And companies won’t secure their data or create stricter usage guidelines if no one holds them accountable.
In both cases, without someone taking the time to address the problem head-on, it will only get worse.

Privacy is the Pothole of the Internet

Worried about your online privacy rights? Now is the time to do something about reclaiming them.
In an ongoing effort to protect online privacy rights for all, Namecheap has collaborated with other advocacy groups to create the Internet Privacy Bill of Rights.
These rights call for companies to explain how they use consumer data. We believe people should have some control over how their data gets used, and should be informed when companies share or sell this data. Users should also have the right to export that data.

Furthermore, we call for avenues for consumers to express concerns about how data is being used, both within internal company communications and publicly. And we support efforts requiring companies to inform consumers if the government requests their data.
Do you support privacy rights? Signing this document is something you can do right now. Tell the companies you want them to work harder to protect your data.
Don’t leave this for “someone else” to fix. You have the ability to be part of the solution. Sign the Internet Privacy Bill of Rights today.

Protect your Privacy

Internet Privacy Week - Namecheap
With Internet Privacy Week (Oct. 18-24), we’re providing you with more information about ways your information can be tracked. Follow Namecheap on Twitter and Facebook and sign up for our newsletter (in the sidebar) to learn more about Internet Privacy Week and how you can help hold companies accountable for privacy.

Wesley Faulkner is the Social Media Manager at Namecheap.com, and an advocate of internet privacy, civil engagement, open data, and government transparency.

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