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Support World Press Freedom with Namecheap

Support World Press Freedom with Namecheap

May 3 is World Press Freedom Day. On this day, we celebrate the freedom of the press and unite to support and protect the rights of journalists to report fairly and accurately across the world.
Organizations around the globe will host events focused on the state of press freedom worldwide, protecting the media’s independence, and paying tribute to journalists who have lost their lives in the pursuit of the truth.

Throughout the month of May, Namecheap is offering a great deal on .press domains and on May 3, we will offer a special 30% discount on our Stellar Shared Hosting Package. That’s a full year of hosting for only $17.00! (To get this special hosting deal, choose the one-year payment option, then add STELLAR30 in promo codes box before checkout.)

What is World Press Freedom Day?

World Press Freedom Day is a chance for everyone to recognize the critical role our media plays in covering events around the world. Freedom of the press is incredibly important because it ensures unbiased and legitimate news. With unfettered media, anyone (including governments) can be scrutinized by the press without fear of censorship.
In 2018 in particular, the idea of a free press feels more necessary than ever and is one Namecheap is proud to support. This year, the global theme addresses “issues of media and the transparency of the political process.” It will focus on current challenges to online freedom of the press.

Show Your Support With a .Press Domain

A .press domain name is perfect for journalists and bloggers. It was created specifically to support the work of journalists and to promote a worldwide free press. If you have stories that the world should know, then one of the most authentic and credible ways to do that is through a .press domain.
Now through May 31, Namecheap is offering .press domains for just $0.88, a savings of 98%. And if that’s not enough, Radix (the .press registry) will donate 50% of their revenue from all .press domain name sales in the month of May to the Society of Professional Journalists for their press freedom initiatives.
The more .press domains you buy, the more you help SPJ with their cause.

Build a News Portal or Independent Journalism Blog

Currently, there’s an insatiable thirst for information, leading news agencies to flourish—especially in the online space.  
If your objective is to build a news portal that not only shares relevant and meaningful information but also stands out in terms of its identity, then .press is a good way to do this. Equally, you might be interested in building a specialized news website. This is a more serious endeavor which would require a business plan, significant resources, and a team of content creators.
Perhaps you don’t want to pursue news distribution in such a serious way, but you do have an opinion on news events and stories. In that case, a .press can also be an ideal platform for a journalism blog.
A .press adds authority to all of these endeavors and immediately establishes your site as news-related. Make sure the domain name you choose includes words that define who you are and what you do. If you write a showbiz news blog you might choose something like celebritystories.press.

Build a Discovery Platform

Journalists today are working in a world where the stories are larger than any one newsroom could handle alone. Today, exposing readers to the stories and perspectives from all over the world is crucial.
Lack of diversity in the media is something that can cause more harm than good. Opposing viewpoints and voices are needed to create an even debate, and ensure all arguments are considered. Therefore, there’s a need to build platforms where journalists from all over the world can discover the latest stories, do their share of investigation, and present their perspective and findings to the world.
Having a .press domain name for such a platform will only add more weight to it and make it look relevant—not only to the industry but to the whole world.

Namecheap’s Causes

Namecheap has a proud tradition of taking a stand and raising awareness about issues that are important to our customers, in particular, freedom of speech and expression.
You can read about other causes we have supported, such as EFF and Move Your Domain Day.
Grab a great deal on shared hosting with coupon code STELLAR 30 (valid May 3 only) and purchase your .press domain name  for a great discount throughout the month of May. Show your support for freedom of the press!

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