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Stand Up for Net Neutrality on July 12

Join Namecheap on July 12, 2017 for Battle for the Net, a worldwide day of action in support of net neutrality and Internet Freedom.
Namecheap has signed on with Fight for the Future’s day of action to call attention to recent efforts within the United States Congress and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to roll back Internet protections and net neutrality.

To show our support for the Battle for the Net, Namecheap will display a special notice on our home page on July 12.
We’re taking action to help galvanize support for net neutrality. With Battle for the Net, Namecheap joins with hundreds of other companies and organizations, including Amazon, Netflix, Reddit, GitHub, and Etsy, to stand up against the rollback of basic online protections.

What is Net Neutrality?

Currently, Americans enjoy basic protections on Internet use and access. Known as net neutrality, these rules allow people to visit any website with equal access and at equal speeds. Under net neutrality, users’ browsing data is protected and cannot be used for marketing or other purposes.
Net neutrality is quite popular with the public. According to a new poll, 60% of Americans support net neutrality, while only 17% oppose it.
Right now, the FCC, along with the US Congress, is considering deregulation of major American Internet Service Providers (ISPs). By rolling back existing rules on how companies provide online access, the FCC’s proposed actions will undermine existing protections on how we access the Internet. ISPs would be free to charge more to access certain sites, slow down or block content, and sell browsing data for commercial use.

To continue to enjoy unimpeded access to the Internet, we all need to stand together in support of net neutrality.

Namecheap’s Position on Net Neutrality

Namecheap supports privacy, security, freedom, and equal treatment for all web users. We believe that all people deserve to access the content that they want, and when they want it. They should be able to go online without government or unsanctioned corporate interference. And we hold to the principle that the Internet should be accessible to everyone.

Because of these principles, Namecheap is pleased to join in the Battle for the Net to stand up for net neutrality.
Join Battle for the Net today, and be sure to visit the Namecheap home page on July 12!

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