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Speeding up your websites on EasyWP

Speed and website performance have never been more important. Visitors expect a fast, performant website. Google uses load speed as a major factor in its search rankings. And slow websites are something of the past. With this in mind, we’re delighted to introduce our new EasyWP plugin — a speed boost for your EasyWP website.

Better caching, more speed

Caching is a way to store data so that we can load your website faster every time you visit. EasyWP started with a simple level of Varnish caching for all websites. But this didn’t cover all your needs and you still needed to install extra plugins.
With our new plugin, we’re now offering 3 levels of advanced caching, engineered to take full advantage of our Namecheap Cloud Platform. This delivers more speed, more agility and reduced load times. Further, it also removes the need for any caching plugin confusion – quite simply, you don’t need to use any third party plugins now.
Our caching works out of the box and doesn’t need any set up from you. When you want to clear the cache (which will rarely happen), you can do it using the “Empty cache” button in your WP-Admin.
screenshot of EasyWP caching

Worried about suspect plugins?

We’ve got you covered. One of the features of the EasyWP Plugin is a useful monitoring tool. It warns you about plugins that might damage your website, or hurt its performance. Whenever you will try to install a plugin that is known to be potentially harmful for your website, EasyWP will warn you.
We know that the WordPress ecosystem is huge and with EasyWP, we continue to help you navigate it. We’re delivering a better all-around WordPress experience.
We don’t normally block plugins; we’re all about giving you the freedom to build, publish and express. However, we do have a small shortlist of plugins here. These are blocked because they are known to be bad, known to hurt your website or known to cause performance issues.
The EasyWP plugin is being rolled out automatically to all EasyWP websites beginning May 16th and no action is needed from your side. It’s compatible with all WordPress sites on EasyWP.
If you don’t have EasyWP yet, what are you waiting for?

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