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Speed Up Your Next Website Launch with EasyWP

You’re a busy professional. The last thing you need is to spend hours setting up a new website.

With EasyWP, Namecheap’s new managed WordPress hosting, you can get your website up and running in record time, and for a cost that can’t be beat. For just $8.88 for the first year, you won’t find a deal better than this anywhere.  

Simplicity is freedom! Using EasyWP to set up and manage your site lets you get back to the rest of your business.

Why EasyWP?

As anyone who has ever set up a new website will tell you, it can be a pain in the neck to follow all the steps needed.

With EasyWP those days are over. There’s no need to log into your cPanel, learn about FTP, or download files. EasyWP helps you set up a new WordPress website in less than 30 seconds, with a few clicks.

Built by Namecheap

EasyWP is exclusive to Namecheap customers. Once you set up your site, you will have the power of WordPress at your fingertips, along with excellent Namecheap hosting and customer support.

Rest easy knowing Namecheap’s got your back on this.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Hosted on our own cloud servers, EasyWP delivers blazing fast WordPress performance that remains strong and reliable as your website grows.

EasyWP makes it simple to manage and maintain your WordPress website, too. Update, manage, and backup your site all with just a few clicks. And we’re constantly adding new features to put more control at your fingertips.

Simple Pricing

EasyWP offers performance, speed, reliability, and ease of use, and all at prices you won’t find anywhere else.

  • $8.88/yr for the first year (that’s less than a dollar a month!)
  • $48.88/yr (just $4.07 a month) after that

Starter Plan includes:

  • Fast WordPress setup
  • Connect to your Namecheap domain
  • 1 WordPress website
  • 1GB of storage
  • Easy backup
  • 24/7/365 Namecheap Support

Are you ready to say goodbye to the old complicated, multi-step WordPress setup process? Sign up for EasyWP today!

7 thoughts on “Speed Up Your Next Website Launch with EasyWP”

  1. It is very good news to finally see your offer of managed wordpress hosting otherwise I would like to have more information on this offer at $8.88 as for example the number of monthly visits that it can support.

    1. Right now EasyWP supports up to 50K visits per month. In the future we will have additional tiers for higher traffic.

    1. We do not yet have a file manager option for EasyWP sites, but it will be coming in the near future. If you need cPanel or FTP access, for the time being you should continue to choose one of our traditional hosting options.

      1. Thank you

        I wish you could add this feature soon alongside with phpmyadmin as i believe they are necessary for any webmaster to restore his website in case something went wrong after installing a plugin or midifying a code.

        I really fall in love with the awsome features of EasyWp

        1. Thanks for your feedback. This is just our initial launch. There will be more features added to EasyWP over time.

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