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We Totally Have .selfie & .zombie TLDs

Today, April 1, the head honchos of the internet have finally decided to lighten up and release some domain options that make sense for our times. Check ‘em out…

Do you wonder if you should post that photo of yourself shirtless in the bathroom? The answer is: Yes, of course, the whole world wants to see your pecs! That’s why you need to register a .selfie domain. (Note: If all your selfies involve meat products, that means you’ve already moved on to the new porkchop craze and should register .porkchop instead.)

If you’re planning to launch a dead website – one that starts out great, but then you forget about it or never have time to update it, so it lingers online in a state of festering decay for who knows how long – the new .zombie domain is just what you need.
Want to launch a real slacker website that serves no purpose? When you get around to it, you could register a URL with the new .whatevs TLD.
Here’s a true story, dude: If you and your buds like to drink many beers and spin yarns, you should totally register a .coolstorybro domain name.
And when Mom tells you to be home by nine, if you answer “Uh-uh!” – then there’s even a new TLD for you today, missy. It’s .uhuhSee if you can register these domain names right now!

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