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Savings for Solopreneur Superheroes

Not all superheroes wear capes — for reasons well-documented in The Incredibles. But, whether you realized it or not, solopreneurs are superheroes who challenge the status quo and change the world around us all. Innovation nearly always starts with a solopreneur — a person with an idea or product, and a theory about how it could work as a business. 

That’s why we’re celebrating solopreneurs in our latest campaign. So many of our customers do amazing things with our products and services, like these superheroes, so we’re opening the floor for both new and existing customers to get their latest ideas online.

What Can You Save?

We won’t give away all the details here — you’ll need to check the page — but we can tell you that you’ll get:

  • Up to 95% off domains ideal for solopreneurs, including .COM, .CO, .INFO, .IO and .ME
  • Up to 71% off Hosting & Email including Stellar Hosting, Private Email, and EasyWP Managed WordPress.
  • Up to 45% off Security including VPN, and a great selection of SSL Certificates

Visit the Solopreneur Sale page

Get Inspired for the Journey Ahead

Going solo is tough, and nobody got there completely alone. That’s why our blog will be ready, at your side, for when you need more than a little wisdom as you spread your creative wings.

Pricing a business can be tough – especially when you are the business. If it’s a product you’re selling, you can consider what it cost you and what others are selling it for — but what about when you’re the product? What does that change? Find out!

How to keep a child-like thirst for knowledge as you navigate your new project. Fancy taking a new class? Maybe finding a new hobby? No? It can even be as simple as reading a book, but there are ways you may not have considered to keep the plight for knowledge up!

How did a woman in San Antonio turn her love of WordPress into a successful digital agency? Meet Veronica, founder of an award-winning digital marketing agency in San Antonio, Texas, and let her incredible story inspire your own.

Helping Solopreneurs and Young People

For two decades Namecheap has been supporting initiatives to empower the world’s future entrepreneurs and innovators. 

Namecheap for Education

Our Namecheap for Education NC.ME Initiative has provided free domains and developer tools to students and educators (virtually anyone with a .edu email address) since 2014. So far, almost 250,000 students have claimed their free .ME domains. 


Over the past two years, Namecheap has enjoyed a special partnership with MedHacks, the extraordinarily unique hackathon at Johns Hopkins University. It brings together the smartest young minds in medicine and computer science to team up and create smart new solutions for health issues with technology. 

  • 2018

At the last two MedHacks, Namecheap was on hand to give a special award for the project that most impressed us. In 2018 we picked a team that used sound wave measuring technology to tune Cochlear implants up to 100 times faster.

  • 2019

A few months ago, Namecheap named its second-ever NC.ME Innovation Award winner at MedHacks to the team behind a project called The Herd. The Herd accesses a database of patient records and uses its proprietary mathematical model to calculate rates of “Herd Immunity” for different infectious diseases in neighborhoods. Seems pretty timely, right? 

For individuals, the app provides immunization rates and data for their neighborhood. For organizations, the app provides access to information that identifies potential outbreak areas, and how to better identify and target advocacy efforts. Congrats to The Herd team and future entrepreneurs: Kenneth Cochran, Veneeth Antony, Joy Roy, Vajresh Balaji, and Bineyam Tsegaye.

Coming Soon in 2020. . .

This year we’re also launching “Powered By Namecheap”. It’s an initiative designed to help startups and entrepreneurs launch their amazing projects by giving them free access to Namecheap products, services, and marketing expertise. Watch this space — we’ll be announcing the first two sponsored projects soon: Tower Craft Online (a free online video game) and Emaww (a technology that measures your emotions by how you touch your mobile device).   

If you have an amazing idea for an online business, blog or website, drop us an email to be considered for the Powered by Namecheap program.  

Don’t Wait for Inspiration, Create It!

Being inspired is as much a state of mind as it is a matter of luck. Seize the bull by the horns, and make something happen today. We’re currently supporting the #CreateFromHome initiative with free, and low-cost tools to help you get inspired throughout April 2020.

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