Save $ and Elephants When You Transfer

What do domain transfers have to do with saving elephants? Not much. But here at Namecheap, we can’t help it. We love Planet Earth and all its inhabitants. We know it’s our responsibility to care for the world we live in. That’s why we recycle everything that can be recycled, in all our offices. That’s why we help raise funds for conservation organizations every year on Earth Day. And that’s why we’re honoring World Elephant Day this year.

World Elephant Day is August 12, 2014. Every day, 96 elephants are killed in Africa. We think that needs to stop. So, between August 12 and August 15, we offer this: Use coupon code SAVEDUMBO to transfer your .com, .net or .org domain to Namecheap for only $7.88 for the first year. We’ll give you the best customer service you’ve ever experienced in your life, and we’ll donate $1 to Save the Elephants for every transfer.

Click here to learn more. And thanks for helping Namecheap help wildlife.

13 thoughts on “Save $ and Elephants When You Transfer”

  1. Considering that one of the domain names I currently own is run by a company whose CEO shot an elephant for sport, I am thrilled to be offered the opportunity to transfer that domain to a company with a fine moral compass.

  2. PS Unfortunately, the email I was sent with the coupon SAVEDUMBO arrived two days after the coupon expired. So, unfortunately, I’m transferring elsewhere. I responded to the newsletter email with this info and also did a live chat. Nothing could be done. Too bad. Nice thought on Saving Elephants, but if you wanted to make donations based on transfers, you might have sent the email during the useful time of the coupon.

  3. I think you’re trivializing this issue by referring to ‘dumbo.’ it makes it sound very insincere and that you’re interested in disney cuteness rather than any real plight. not well thought out.

    1. personne: We do not wish to trivialize this issue in any way. We referred to Dumbo simply because he’s an elephant that many people recognize. Everyone here at Namecheap is entirely sincere about protecting elephants, other wildlife species, and the environment. Thank you.

  4. The one and only solution to elephants becoming loss and all other wildlife from complete destruction from mankind s home planet earth is to look to god s kingdom which WILL destroy those who are ruining the earth and its wildlife…REVELATION 11:18

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