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Resources for Domain Investors

Whether you’re new to domain investing or you’re a long-time pro, there are many helpful resources online. They are great for learning tips & tricks, staying up-to-date on changes that might impact your business, and closing deals with fellow domain investors (aka “domainers”).

Let’s run through some of the most popular free resources.


There used to be several good forums for domain investors to interact with each other. Now, there’s just one major one: NamePros.

At NamePros, domainers can discuss domain parking and monetization, expiring domains, and list domains for sale.

New domain investors should check out the Domain Beginners subforum. You can ask newbie questions without getting flamed by others.

Many domain investors check in to the site daily to find out what’s new and chat with fellow investors.


Forums used to rule the domain business, but investors have turned to blogs in recent years.

A good place to get familiar with domain blogs is Domaining.com, which aggregates headlines from all of the major blogs.

In addition to our Namecheap blog, here are four other blogs worth checking out:

  1. DomainInvesting.com – Domain investor Elliot Silver gives insight into his latest domain deals, provides tips for selling domains and discusses industry news.
  2. DSAD.com – This site publishes a daily list of notable domain auctions, particularly expired domains. The authors sort though domains to find the best ones. The catch is that if you find a domain on its lists, you’re probably competing with other DSAD.com readers to buy the domain.
  3. Domain Incite – If you’re interested in policy, Domain Incite is the best source for deep industry coverage such as what ICANN (the domain name regulator) is up to.
  4. Domain Name Wire – I saved the best for last (but I’m biased). I’m the publisher of this industry news source. Learn about expired domains, what domain registrars are doing, how to manage your domain portfolio, cybersquatting cases and more.

Podcasts and Video Series

Yeti about to do a video on social media

There aren’t many podcasts about domain names, but there are two worth downloading.

1. DomainSherpa

DomainSherpa is a video-based show also available as a podcast. The videos are helpful to learn about domain names and get inside the mind of some of the best domain investors.

On DomainSherpa review, top investors give their opinions on domain names. Understand how great investors value domains by watching a few of these shows.

There are also fun and educational videos with investors about their strategies.

2. Domain Name Wire Podcast

Again, I’m biased on this one. But I think it’s worth spending 30 minutes a week to get caught up on the domain investing community and hear from domain investors.

Start Learning

Thousands of domain investors have paved the way for you. Why not learn from them? Investors tell you their tricks and methods on forums, blogs, and podcasts. Take a look. Then, when you’re ready to register your next domain, head to Namecheap.

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